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Hardcore tank or try my luck? (1 Viewer)


12 team, 2 QB, 6 keeper league.
Went all in last year, finished 4th.
Keepers are Jones, Conner, Allen, McLaurin, Amon Ra and Gabe Davis. No QBs. My first pick is 23 overall (dumped 1 and 2 last year). Best case with my first two picks is a Mayfield/ Goff combo. If it goes wrong it’s Mariota and Trubisky.

Or, I throw in the towel from the get go and pass on QBs that will score at all. We are all play, so would likely guarantee a top 1 pick with two zeroes. Is it sporting though? I’d look to move Jones, Allen and Conner during the year and would be able to draft good QBs in 23 with 1.1 and 2.1.


If you do tank I would look to pick up Ridder, Pickett, Howell, and Willis and hope a couple hit.

Although I wouldn't go full tank mode in a keep 6 league. There is enough room to get competitive.


Went full tank. Had just given up too much trying to win last year.
QBs are M Jones / Z Wilson / Pickett / Howell / Willis / Love / Lock
What are the odds I have at least 1 top-12 option going into 23?

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