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Has ESPN fixed their FAAB process? (1 Viewer)


Previously if you wanted to do FAAB for player transactions you could only process transactions one time each day and there was no free agency (first come first serve) period. It appears they've "fixed" it this year because now FAAB will only apply to players onw aivers and after they clear waivers they are FA's? at least that is how i read their FAQ and from what i can tell in the league settings as a LM

i'm glad they are finally doing FAAB this way



Bring the auction experience to the waiver wire! An option for both ESPN Custom and League Manager (LM) leagues in is Free Agent Acquisition Budget, or "FAAB". This waiver system is a blind auction open to every team within the league. League creators can select this option via a radio button in the "Transaction and Keepers" tab of the league setup process.

In an auction bidding environment, players who move to waivers after the league draft, players who are dropped, or players added to the player pool during the season become waiver-eligible for the timeframe set by the league creator. However, instead of placing a traditional waiver claim, an owner places a bid they feel is appropriate based on a player's value. The league creator assigns the pre-determined budget of each team for waiver bidding over the course of the season. During the auction waiver period, team owners may bid at any time before it expires. In an auction bidding environment, no player on the waiver wire is a Free Agent (FA). The bidding is an open process and there is no sequence for the bids. Team owners may bid at any time during the waiver period, before it expires. When a player clears waivers, the FAAB bidding ends for that player and they become a Free Agent (eligible for first-come, first-served pick-ups).

In the event of bids of equal amounts for a player by two teams (a tie), waiver order priority determines the winner of the player. During the waiver period, no team can see any other team's bids or bid amounts. All teams can view FAAB results after the waiver release time, either on the league home page or the "Free Agent Auction Report". Additionally, all teams can view other team budget balances on each team clubhouse and waiver order pages.

I can't figure this out for the life of me.

They eliminated the ability to pick the day waivers are processed.

All waivers process at 3AM ET.

If a player isn't picked up then they are free agents.

Are they saying that the process is going to be like normal waivers every Wednesday AM? and free agents the rest of the week. I sure hope not. The reason we liked FAAB was because if you worked for a living, you could still get good players. Some of us can't be on the computer all day every day, sniping players.

I set up a dummy league that auto-drafted on July 1st. Right now it is showing waivers on Friday with all players locked. I have it set for a one day waiver period so that make sense. The question will be when will waivers process next week....

I'll keep you posted.

What they really need to fix is how they handle keepers. They just draft them all first. They should let use set the round each keeper is drafted in.

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I think after Friday they'll be free agents in your dummy league if they clear waivers. Since there are no games this weekend the fa pool won't lock after Monday.

I guess for your league needs it is better having the schedule. But for roster micromanagers like me I like having ability to work IR on sunday that you can't do as easily if its not first come first serve after waivers clear.

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For the initial run of bids, it looks like when you choose the 'Waiver Period' value of either 1 or 2 (all it provides you), that is saying how long from when players 'unlock' (hit waivers) it will run. So with a value of 1 day the first waiver run will execute Tuesday morning at 3AM ET. a value of 2 days and it will execute Weds morning at 3AM ET. And then any dropped players will follow that schedule, but all other free agents are FCFS. The addition of FCFS free agents after bid execution is great...

What bothers me about the method change is how this might be handled in the preseason. My longtime keeper league drafts during the HoF preseason game and then runs FAAB on Weds & Thurs of each preseason week. It gave everyone a chance to digest what had happened in the previous week's Thurs through Monday preseason games and make any roster moves and was itself enjoyable, a game within the game type thing that made preseason itself relevant. However, because the whole life thing, most people aren't going to be glued to preseason football on summer weekend evenings. My fear with the new FAAB system is that after your draft, there will be an initial 'waiver' period but then all players will be FCFS free agents until Regular Season Week 1 games begin. That would be an unfortunate competitive imbalance situation if a person on the east coast could have nothing to do on a mid-August Saturday night and commit the time to watch San Francisco's 8PM PT kickoff and see Hyde go down and immediately be able to pick up his replacement.

tldr; hope ESPN lock's players during preseason games for leagues that have drafted, but they probably won't because ESPN.

We are moving to FAAB this year, I might have to email for clarification. I assumed the waiver day would be the same for the initial weekly waiver...so you put your bids in on Tuesday, and they process Wednesday morning, then W-Sun any not claimed would be a FA...unless a player is dropped then they would be on waivers for the amount of time you select..during that time you can bid and again after they clear they are FA

I assumed Sun and Monday wouldn't have waivers just FA pickups. Now I'm concerned a bit

Chuck - I think what you've laid out is correct during the regular season. I think the main waiver day for a new week goes off your setting of the Number of Waiver Days (1 or 2 are the only options) now instead of letting you select the actual days and times when waivers would run. My concern above was regarding how it is handled during the preseason.


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