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Has Randle replaced Nicks as a weekly starter in PPR leagues? (1 Viewer)


Just curious if you guys who own both WRs now start Randle each week over Nicks. Despite the ADP, seems like Randle is clearly become the guy.

Nicks: Started 7 games, 27 catches on 55 targets (49%), 470 yards, 17.4 average, ZERO TDs.

Randle: Started 1 game, 23 catches on 44 targets (52%), 373 yards, 16.2 average, 4 TDs.

In no way am I "anti" Nicks, but just seems the writing is on the wall. Or am I wrong here? I admit I haven't watched a ton of the Giants games this year. What are you guys seeings?

I wouldn't say he's "clearly" the guy. Coughlin's comments about needing Nicks to perform are interesting but obvious. The Giants have always needed three receivers producing to have success. Eli's had three startable fantasy wide receivers before. Nicks is losing money each week he plays badly so I'd like to think he finds a way to perform better.

I am not sure about last week but I think the story for Randle has been a typical one for no. 3 wr's. Nicks was getting snaps in the high 90%'iles up until last week, while Randle was in the 40's to 60's. Being on the field for 2/3s of a game is actually a lot I think, but in any event you're still counting on a long TD from him to get production.

Still getting emails from fbgs about nicks being traded because its a "lost season" for the giants. Last I checked they're two games out of first place. He's not going anywhere and I'm glad to start him as my third receiver.


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