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Has Sanchez started his last game for Rex ? (1 Viewer)

Has Sanchize started his last game as a Jet?

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    Votes: 22 84.6%
  • No

    Votes: 4 15.4%

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Yes. Rex's only hope to keep his job is for Geno to show progress for the future under him. No reason to go backwards with Sanchez after what Geno showed week 1.

Just saw ESPN report Sanchez "could possibly" need season-ending shoulder surgery.

If so, you guys were correct.

ETA: Mortenson reporting Dr. James Andrews recommending the surgery, labrum tear (I think they said).

Rich Cimini on ESPN saying he expects them to release @ end of season.

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Mark Sanchez is likely to require surgery on his right (throwing) shoulder after Wednesday's visit to Dr. James Andrews confirmed a labral tear in the joint.
He does have the option of resting and rehabbing. Either way, the labrum tear is almost certainly season ending, correspondingly meaning Sanchez has likely taken his last snap as a Jet. He's owed a non-guaranteed $2 million roster bonus next March and will likely hit injured reserve soon. Sanchez's injury happened when Rex Ryan left him in the preseason finale behind backup offensive linemen. The Jets will move forward with Matt Simms and Brady Quinn behind Geno Smith. While a big story all things considered, the Jets had already turned the page on Sanchez and his loss will in no way affect their 2013 season.

Mark's made a lot of money in NY but they totally shafted him in the end. Hope he gets a decent gig somewhere else next yr.
I have a good bud who lives in the VI who tolde Sanchez was one of the best celebrity guests he ever partied with down there. Channing Tatum he said was the best though. Said the guy was hilarious.

I realize Sanchez sucks and everything, but rookies aren't supposed to "earn" the job through injury. Have I not been watching the news enough, or is Rex Ryan not catching the proper amount of hell for putting Sanchez into the game in the 4th quarter?

I think the news cycle has moved on from the Jets. Thank Chip Kelly and Colin Kaepernick.

I hope Sanchez latches on with a good coach next season and gets to actually learn how to play QB. Green Bay makes a lot of sense at a reasonable salary. No pressure to start and a great QB coach.


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