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Hass now listed as doubtful (1 Viewer)


He's helped me to titles a few times but what a bust Hass has been this year!

Rotoworld says Hass is now listed as doubtful wk. 14. Carlson, Morris, JJ, Engram, and Branch owners take note.

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NE was going to maul them anyway after last week's beat down by PIT - w/ this news I'll feel a lot more comfortable starting Sammy over MBIII.

SEA will likely be down early, and blitzing often. Faulk might also be a solid option in PPR.

Maybe even a nice game from Gaffney if Welker is still woozy.

no jinxing, plz.

I just got through listening to belichick's weekly spot, and seattle may be the toughest team they've ever faced.


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