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Have #2 pick, Who should I draft, nervous about Bell? (1 Viewer)


I have my draft this Sunday and have #2 pick. 

FFPC scoring and lineup, PPR full point. I think Gurley will probably be gone, but would take him if he was there at the 2 spot. Was thinking L. Bell all along at the two, but this year seems different than last year. I'm still leaning towards Bell, but might play it safe and go with David Johnson. He did have 2000 combined yards two years ago. He looks healthy, but Arizona's o-line is not great. Here are my other choices besides Gurley. Bell, David Johnson or E. Elliott. Who should I take and why?

Would I be nuts to take David Johnson over LaVeon Bell at two? I had Bell last year and he did great. Something does seem different this year. He might sit out the first 10 games and play the final 6. That is still a possibility. He seems upset with the Steelers.  I still have him etched in, but with my draft on this Sunday, I'm wavering on taking him and taking Johnson instead. Please tell me if I'm nuts into thinking of changing from Bell to Johnson at the 2 spot.


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