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Have ravens d, chiefs d, and jags. (1 Viewer)


Guy wanted to know which defense to drop to pick up Spencer ware and malcolm brown off the waiver, one of them will lock their division and the main back will rest during fantasy playoffs-am I thinking this the right way. 

Team is 


Gordon and ingram 

Thomas cooks watkins




Ravens, chiefs, jags

Bench is 


Mike Williams LAC


And the two defenses.

Lamar Jackson, was thinking of grabbing Mayfield over Lamar. Waiting to see him play hopefully this weekend.

Chiefs defense is ranked low on football outsiders, but they seem to put up good numbers especially when teams try to play catch up and get out of there element. 

Will have to drop one defense whi should it be. PPR LEAGUE. I am slotted for the playoffs as of now. Want to stash someone for the playoffs. Let me know guys . Thanks.


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