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Hate to start new topic but searched and didn't see anything. Did post question in the Obama care thread but not many folks in the PSF.

I have a question for any health insurance guys who may be reading. I retired at 62 thinking I had VA health care turns out I didn't because my income was to high. I was going to try and wait it out till I turned 65 and got medicare still have a year  and 8 months till that happens.

Recently the lymph nodes on the side of my neck and my face have swollen up the one on my neck is really big. So I went to Doc and of course they want to run a lot of tests but being uninsured I just cant afford these tests. The doc suggested going to emergency room they could run all the tests and I could pay them a little at a time. I'm thinking yea right probably for the rest of my life because of the costs of those things.

So my question is since I can't enroll in the ACA right now if I try to go private will they just go preexisting condition if I try to make claim after I get insurance. I went to doc today so they would see that and deny claim right?

Do I have any options? Thanks for any info appreciate it.

Get fired temporarily and apply for ACA?  There's a lot of exceptions in eligibility for ACA.  Also PM mattyl - he knows a lot of this stuff.


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