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Heimerdinger is free, thoughts on Woody (1 Viewer)


from USA Today's transactions pageNEW YORK JETS-Released Mike Heimerdinger, offensive coordinator, from his contract.Woody Johnson has lost some very very good coaches and I don't think he's chosen to get rid of any of them. No one says he's a bad meddling type owner but instead seem to like the guy. Do ya feel for this guy or what?Parcells, BB, Herm

One line of thought is that Woody bought the Jets soley to get that stadium in NYC which obviously failed....He's not a football person and what scares me most is - Who does he rely on or go to for advice? Bradway??? OUCH!!!The Parcells, BB stuff was pretty much out of his hands.Even the Herm thing, in the end turned out for the best - Herm played the game and got what he wanted and as it turns out, Herm's Speeches and bad game management were pretty much done in NY anyway - So, they get a 4th round pick for a guy who was probably lame duck anyway.....I'm still mixed on Woody - I just hope he cares about the team and football and this wasn't a ploy for a NYC stadium...I wish he could have pulled the trigger on Bradway when Herm went and made a wholesale change.He came here and promised fans a new stadium of their own and now we're getting another arraingement with the Giants and from recent reports it looks like Mega-Profits for the owners.Just not sure if Woody is really About Football and not mostly about $$$$$ - Yeah, all owners are about $$$ but, I think the best one's have a huge spot in their heart for the Game.

As said on WFAN - Woody and his right hand moron Jay Cross care more about yacht racing than they do the NFL. This was all about the NY stadium for Woody. He is definitely tightening the purse strings after the Chad fiasco. Not a good sign for Jet fans.


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