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Heisman Trophy theme 6pt devy/dynasty startup. Deeep! (1 Viewer)


12 team Superflex Devy/Dynasty startup will be hosted on Myfantasyleague.com and we will use Groupme for the league chat.

Lg already has a strong foundation of core group of owners from a few of my other leagues and we're only looking to add owners who are engaged.

Email draft will start on April 28th. This is 1 day following the NFL draft.

Buyin is 25 + MFL fee (5) per year with a year ahead buyin (60 up front) to protect draft picks, etc. (LEAGUESAFE)


Lg Winner - 240

Regular season points leader - 30

2nd place - 30

**Very important** 

3 things that I would like to get in every owner who is interested.

1. An owner who joins a dynasty lg with every intention of sticking around and pushing through bad years. The whole point of dynasty is to run a team. NFL teams don't just get to become uninterested or leave the league because they're going through a rebuilding stage.

2. An owner who is engaged with the lg year round. Nothing sucks the fun out of a league than the guys who are in too many lgs and can't give enough attention to his/her lgs because they're stretched too thin. OR the owner who is just looking to add another league. We're looking for owners who are CONSISTENTLY responsive, approachable, and bring great energy to the league year round.

We will be using groupme for our chat. Groupme is also obviously a great way to communicate trades. Direct messaging is extremely efficient.

We will doing a Heisman theme and having a graphics done by a professional. Matching Skin, League Banner, Standings banner and 12 premium team banners/logos comes out to $8.50 per)

We will be using #MarksGraphics

You can find his work on twitter @Mark_in_MI


Placeholder devy picks will be available in the startup draft. We will have our devy draft immediately following the startup.

The draft will be an email snake draft on Myfantasyleague.com

There won't be any trading during the startup. There's mixed reviews on this approach, but I've found that it decreases the chances of someone ruining their team right out of the gate. Which someone usually does. Lol

Scoring will be Full ppr & 6pt td pass

Waivers will use blind bid dollars. It will run 3 times a week year round.

Starting lineup: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 superflex, 2 flex

Rosters: 28 active, 3 IR, and a 10 man taxi

Taxi squad will be for devy players as well as 1st and 2nd year players. We can have more devy players (and obviously 1st/2nd yr players) on our rosters but we must fit them on our active roster.

Email me at ffBradleyAcc@gmail.com or send me a direct message if u are interested. Thanks!


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