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HELP cut to 23. (1 Viewer)


I need to cut down to 23 players??? Have to have 2QB,4RB,5WR,2TE,2K,2D WITH6 RS  dynasty 12 teams

keep the green?

A Rodgers
J Garoppolo (R)

J Allen (R)
E Elliott
S Barkley

R Smith (R)
J Wilkins (R)

G Bernard (R)
A Morris (R)
K Johnson (R)
J McKinnon (R)

A Ekeler (R)
J Conner (R)
S Ware (R)
M Breida (R)
D Moncrief
M Evans
M Bryant

E Decker (R)
T Smith (R)
A Miller (R)
M Floyd (R)
K White (R)
R Seals-Jones
C Brate (R)
A Seferian-Jenkins (R)
D Bailey
D Carlson (R)
Texans (R)

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Yeah I think that is a good cut although I would hate to cut Gio. I think he could still get some run this year. 

I would cut R Smith and add G Bernard. I get wanting to have a handcuff but Bernard's value skyrockets if Mixon gets banged up more than R Smith's does if Elliott goes down since Smith may not be Zekes handcuff anyway (See Bo Scarbough)....

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