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Help me pick my draft spot - how would you rank draft positions? (2 Viewers)


So, here's the deal.

I'm in a 14 team draft, & we're having a cornhole tournament before the draft.

We get to pick your draft position, in order of how we finish in the tournament.

So, whoever finishes 1st, can decide what pick they want, & on down the line.

How would you guys rank the draft positions in a 14-team draft?

I'm thinking:


If I finish top 4, then that would guarantee me AP, Martin, Foster, or Charles.

After that, I think I'd rather 2 quality picks in a row.


We're in the middle of this process in a 12 team league - so far it's gone 6,5,3,4,7,8,1,9,10 - people are viewing the first 8 RB's to be fairly close so they're going for better 2nd (and 4th, which is our first keeper eligible round) round picks. I went 3rd and stayed with 3.

I've always preferred the middle, so 6, 7, 8.

Picking 1.04 means your next pick is 2.10. You may be able to find Frank Gore there, but outside of him you're going to be reaching for an RB2. Rodgers or Brees might be your best bet at 2.10, but then you're really be hurting for a viable RB2. Darren McFadden, LeVeon Bell, David Wilson would be who you're looking at at 3.04.

Going 1.14/2.01 puts you in the same position of watching 22 guys go off the board between your picks. Too long for me.

Go for 14 because even though you pick last every other round, which makes you feel bad... you get to pick first in the other rounds which makes you feel good. Even Steven!

I think you are missing the most important part. Get off the computer and start honing in your cornhole skills.

ETA: Think slow turning frisbee toss with high arc. The bag has to land flat or it will bounce. I actually SUCK at cornhole but I pay very close attention to how I get beat.

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Haha, thanks Pantherz. I'm in NC too.

I'm decent at cornhole, so I'm thinking I'll finish in the top 4.

Any other suggestions on draft positions.

I'm in a 14 team redraft. I've got the 6th pick. I think it depends on:

  • How you rank the top 8 RBs
  • Is it PPR?
  • Who you're comfortable with
  • Where you draft (espn, cbs, etc) and how much the guys in your league will follow the site's ADP
I'm really enjoying my 6th overall pick. AP, Martin, Charles + Charles + McCoy/Spiller/Richardson + Rice/Lynch + Foster (we'll see about the calf). At #6, i'm guaranteed one of Charles/McCoy/Spiller/Richardson. I think it just depends how you rank them and if you really like a guy (like McCoy who has been really exciting in the preseason) where you think you can comfortably get him. If you want Charles/McCoy/Spiller, then go for #5. If you like Morris or Lynch/Rice...then go for #9/10 and then have the added benefit of a higher 2nd round pick. If it's PPR, you consider Calvin and gauge where you can get him (if you're targeting him). To me, it is vital that you know how you value the top 14-28 guys so that you know where you wanna be in the first and 2nd round.

Good call Steve.

It's not PPR.

There's a lot of RB's I'd be fine with in the first round, I'd probably prefer to choose from the group with the lowest floor.

I'm thinking that's AP, Martin, Foster, Charles, Spiller, maybe Lynch too.

I think the next group of Tier 1 guys have some question marks.

Can you trade? If so, 1st would def. be my first choice, since the perceived value of AP seems so much higher than anybody else's that it easily has the best trade value. (And then I'd try to trade it, since I don't value him that highly.)

Barring that, I'd aim to pick as low as I possibly could while still having a chance at one of that top flight of RB's, in the hopes that it would be low enough that I could snag a miracle who slid a little in the 2nd.

When I look at the top of the draft board I see about 32 guys that would make me smile when drafting. This ends about mid round 3. Even in non-PPR I like starting RB-WR-WR then spend the next few rounds with a shotgun plan for RBs and a QB. I try to make sure I get one of the top 12 QBs. Don't need to touch WR again til late. By Round 7 I would think all viable RBs are gone.

In other words, I would love to get in the top 4 or so, so that my 3rd round pick is a very good WR.

I'd go for the middle picks... somewhere between 5 and 10. This year the draft seems to be all about position runs, more than I can remember seeing in any previous year. If you are stuck on a turn, you are almost compelled to take part in one of those runs. But if you are in the middle, you have an easier time of going best-player-available because your next pick will be just around the corner instead of almost two rounds away.

Thanks for the input guys.

I'll run some mocks from the #6 or #7 position & see how that turns out


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