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Help with Running Back Options (1 Viewer)


My team is pretty thin at RB, and because of the bye weeks, I'm forced to run with three RBs this week: two starters and a flex. Which three of these options would you choose:

1. Aaron Jones - definitely starting him.
2. Kenneth Walker III - definitely starting.
3. Jeff Wilson Jr. - with the CMC trade his value suddenly feels really dicey.
4. D'Onta Foreman - grabbed him of the WW when I heard about the CMC trade.
5. Kenyan Drake - also grabbed him off the WW when I heard the news on Dobbins.

Thoughts? I'm leaning toward Drake being my flex, since the Cleveland defense has given up a lot of rushing yards. I'm also sort of waiting to hear some news about how much San Fran plans to work McCaffrey into the game plan this week. This might be the last week Jeff Wilson Jr. still gets some carries before McCaffrey totally takes over.



Drake would be my choice of those listed unless we get more info on the CMC/Wilson split for this week.


For me after your two starters:
1. Drake
2. Wilson(he's a decent option this week,not so much after that)
3. Foreman

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