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Herschel Walker (1 Viewer)

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Until the 70's Jim Taylors 8800 yards was number 2 alltime and it was similar to Mays 660 homeruns. When players like William Andrews and Freeman Mcneil retired with similar numbers nobody but their most loyal fans clamoured for induction for these players. Now 10,000 is the new 8000. Even that doesn't mean anything as many people don't consider Ricky Watters a legit HOF candidate. Maybe numbers are similar to inflation. At one time 100,000 dollars was alot of money. Now it's a down payment on a hourse......... :excited:

I do think he belongs in the Viking hall of shame. Perhaps the worst thing the Viking franchise ever did was trading so much for him and that is saying somthing.
I hate to defend Herchel Walker here, but if you are going to give up that much for one player who can only run from the I-formation, is Jerry Burns even defendable for refusing to put the I-formation into the playbook?
First of all, RIP BO.Since I wasn't much into football at the time, can anyone explain why the Vikes would give up so much for Walker only to horribly misuse him? He averaged nearly 11 YPC while with the Cowboys and was used heavily in the passing game, yet with the Vikes they barely threw to him in comparison. In 1989 the year he was traded, he had more catches in his 5 games with the Cowboys (22) than in the other 11 games with the Vikes (18).

Looking at the stats while he was with the Cowboys it looks like a major reason he was such a great RB was because of his receiving skills - just as much if not more than his running ability. I simply can't fathom why a team would trade for a guy only to decide not to use him for what he excels at.


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