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Did you see the fight between the Jets and the Giants? Did Shockey start it or did the Jets DBs? It sounded like Shockey got jumped.

I've heard several versions, it wasn't on TV here. The report that seems most accurate is on the second play, a running play, Shockey and Celestin got locked up, and both where grabbing jersey. They say both would have been flagged for holding. Then Rhodes hit Shockey from behind as it was just turning into an exchange of punches. Vilma then horse collared Shockey, and he went down. After that, it was just some pushing and shoving, but it carried through the whole day. At one point, Coughlin and Donnie Henderson went nose to nose. It was supposed to be a non-tackling practice, but the Jets were taking thier shots. Henderson was heard to shout "That's how we practice, coach!" Coughlin was PO'd, and said that the Jets were not practicing according to the agreed upon rules, and he was right. Toomer took a shot in which he said he was pretty defenseless, and said he'd expect that in a game, but not in a practice like this. I think this may be the last time these two teams get together for a "practice".

I should add these two guys that call themselves the "football apostiles" are idiots, they were at the parcatice. The Giant homer said the Giants will win 10 games, write it down, yadayadayada, and said the Jets are a 6 win team. The Jets homer thinks the Jets "might win 9" IF they sign Law. The Giants homer said they have the best D in the NFC East! :eek: That gives you an idea of what a couple of tools these two are.


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