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High Roller League 2013 (1 Viewer)


High Roller League - $300, 12-Team, PPR, Live Online Snake Draft, Leaguesafe

I'm looking for a serious group of fantasy team owners that want to play for some real money this year. Payments will be handled via leaguesafe to ensure all funds get collected and the winning owners get paid at the end of the season.

All the scoring details are below. Any changes will need majority approval moving forward.

This is an existing league that has a few open slots. First come, first serve, so get your leaguesafe payments in ASAP.

1st Place: $3100
2nd Place: $300
Regular Season Champ: $200

Please email me at mail@mikeboudet.com if you're interested in joining. Let me know if you have any questions.

Scoring Rules:


Every 25 passing yards (PY25) 1
TD Pass (PTD) 4
Interceptions Thrown (INT) -1
2pt Passing Conversion (2PC) 2


Every 10 rushing yards (RY10) 1
TD Rush (RTD) 6
40+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD40) 2
50+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD50) 4
2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR) 2


Every 10 receiving yards (REY10) 1
Each reception (REC) 1
TD Reception (RETD) 6
40+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD40) 1
50+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD50) 2
2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE) 2


Kickoff Return TD (KRTD) 6
Punt Return TD (PRTD) 6
Fumble Recovered for TD (FTD) 6
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML) -2
Fumble Return TD (FRTD) 6


Each PAT Made (PAT) 1
Total FG Missed (FGM) -1
FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0) 3
FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40) 3
FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50) 3

Team Defense / Special Teams

Each Sack (SK) 1
Interception Return TD (INTTD) 6
Fumble Return TD (FRTD) 6
Kickoff Return TD (KRTD) 6
Punt Return TD (PRTD) 6
Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD) 6
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK) 2
Each Interception (INT) 2
Each Fumble Recovered (FR) 2
Each Safety (SF) 2
0 points allowed (PA0) 15
1-6 points allowed (PA1) 10
7-13 points allowed (PA7) 7
14-17 points allowed (PA14) 4
22-27 points allowed (PA22) -4
28-34 points allowed (PA28) -7
35-45 points allowed (PA35) -10
46+ points allowed (PA46) -15

Some rules may change slightly before the regular season starts.
Small Change:

DRAFT DATE: Tuesday, September 3rd at 8pm.

ANTE: $300


Regular Season Champ: $200
3rd Place: $300
2nd Place: $500
1st Place: The Rest of the Pot

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