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High rookie picks, lots of studs - looking for owners for 3-team dispersal draft in dynasty TE flex 12-team league, $50 buy-in


I'm looking to fill three openings in a longstanding dynasty league I commish. 12 teams, 2 IR spots and looking to do a dispersal draft with the following teams and picks. Let me know if you're interested! First come, first serve works for me as we're looking to get the dispersal draft going soon. Here are all the rookie picks and positional players available based on last season (didn't update the teams for some who got traded, cut or new deals elsewhere just yet):

Rookie draft picks:
1.13 (bonus pick from consolation pool)

Goff, Jared DET QB  
Mayfield, Baker CLE QB   
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB 
Heinicke, Taylor WAS QB 
Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB  
Newton, Cam CAR QB 
Cousins, Kirk MIN QB
Jones, Daniel NYG QB 
Ryan, Matt ATL QB

Ekeler, Austin LAC RB  
Edwards-Helaire, Clyde KCC RB
Fournette, Leonard TBB RB
Harris, Najee PIT RB
Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB  
Henry, Derrick TEN RB  
Hines, Nyheim IND RB  
Sermon, Trey SFO RB 
Williams, Damien CHI RB  
Williams, Darrel KCC RB  
Drake, Kenyan LVR RB 
Edwards, Gus BAL RB
Freeman, Devonta BAL RB  
Henderson, Darrell LAR RB 
Hubbard, Chuba CAR RB  
Robinson, James JAC RB 

Beckham, Odell LAR WR 
Brown, Antonio FA WR 
Brown, Dyami WAS WR
Brown, Marquise BAL WR
Jones, Julio TEN WR
Moore, Rondale ARI WR
Shenault, Laviska JAC WR
Treadwell, Laquon JAC WR
Wilson, Cedrick DAL WR
Aiyuk, Brandon SFO WR  
Callaway, Marquez NOS WR  
Claypool, Chase PIT WR 
Hardman, Mecole KCC WR  
Higgins, Tee CIN WR  
Mooney, Darnell CHI WR  
Samuel, Curtis WAS WR 
Shepard, Sterling NYG WR 
Smith, Tre'Quan NOS WR
Boyd, Tyler CIN WR  
Davis, Corey NYJ WR 
Golladay, Kenny NYG WR 
Jefferson, Justin MIN WR  
Kirk, Christian ARI WR  
Kupp, Cooper LAR WR  
Ridley, Calvin ATL WR
Thielen, Adam MIN WR 

Kelce, Travis KCC TE  
Smith Jr., Irv MIN TE 
Thomas, Logan WAS TE 
Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE
Cook, Jared LAC TE  
Ertz, Zach ARI TE  
Gesicki, Mike MIA TE  
Goedert, Dallas PHI TE
Gronkowski, Rob TBB TE
Harris, Jacob LAR TE
Herndon, Chris MIN TE
Hockenson, T.J. DET TE
Kroft, Tyler NYJ TE3
Smith, Jonnu NEP TE

Gay, Matt LAR PK  
Carlson, Daniel LVR PK  
Hopkins, Dustin LAC PK

Browns, Cleveland CLE Def  
Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def  
Bears, Chicago CHI Def

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