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High stakes IDP league (1 Viewer)

Looking for about 15 people to join.  

It’s hosted on MFL and it’s been running for about 9yrs now   

2020 Season * 3 additional IR spots will be added due to Covid 19

Season Line up 

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 Offensive Flex

1 K

2 DE

1 DT

2 LB

2 CB

2 S

1 Defensive Flex

19 total 



Number of Field Goals Missed0-29-4 points each

Number of Field Goals Missed30-49-3

Number of Field Goals Missed50-99-2

Fumbles Lost on Offense0-10-2 points each



Number of Rushing TDs0-103 points each

Rushing 2 Pointers0-102 points each



Number of Passing TDs1-996 points each

Passing Yards-99-0-1 point for every -10

Passing Yards0-240

Passing Yards25-9991 point for every 25

Pass Completions0-991 point for every 3

Pass Completion Percentage0.0-54.90 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Completion Percentage55.0-59.96 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Completion Percentage60.0-64.98 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Completion Percentage65.0-69.910 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Completion Percentage70.0-74.912 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Completion Percentage75.0-100.014 (Only if Pass Completions >= 10) 

Pass Interceptions Thrown1-99-2 points each

QB Sacked0-25-.5 points each

Long Passing Plays of 40+ Yards0-994 points each

Passing 2 Pointers1-992 points each

Number of Rushing TDs1-996 points each

Length of Rushing TD0-9991 point for every 15

Rushing Yards-99-0-1 point for every -5

Rushing Yards0-40

Rushing Yards5-9991 point for every 10

Average Yards per Rush0.0-3.9990 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Average Yards per Rush4.0-4.4994 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Average Yards per Rush4.5-4.9996 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Average Yards per Rush5.0-5.4998 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Average Yards per Rush5.5-5.99910 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Average Yards per Rush6.0-100.012 (Only if Rush Attempts >= 5) 

Rush Attempts0-991 point for every 5

Long Rushing Plays of 20+ Yards0-992.5 points each

Rushing 2 Pointers1-992 points each

Number of Receiving TDs1-996 points each

Length of Receiving TD0-9991 point for every 15

Receiving Yards-99-0-1 point for every -5

Receiving Yards0-40

Receiving Yards5-9991 point for every 10

Average Yards per Reception0.0-11.9992 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Average Yards per Reception12.0-14.9996 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Average Yards per Reception15.0-19.9998 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Average Yards per Reception20.0-23.99910 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Average Yards per Reception24.0-27.99912 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Average Yards per Reception28.0-100.014 (Only if Receptions >= 3) 

Receptions1-992 points for 1, and then 2 point for every 1 thereafter (Only if Receiving Yards >= 5) 

Long Receptions of 20+ Yards0-995 points each

Receiving 2 Pointers1-992 points each

Rushing + Receiving Yards-99-1490

Rushing + Receiving Yards150-9995 points for 150, and then 1 point for every 30 thereafter

Length of Field Goal Made0-191.5

Length of Field Goal Made20-293

Length of Field Goal Made30-396

Length of Field Goal Made40-548

Length of Field Goal Made55-9910

Extra Points1-991 point each

Extra Points Missed1-99-2 points each

Passing First Downs1-501 point for every 5



Number of Defensive Fumble Recovery TDs0-106 points each

Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent)0-105 points each

Opponent Fumble Recovery Yards-50-9991 point for every 5

Forced Fumbles0-104 points each

Number of Interception Return TDs0-1012 points each

Interceptions Caught0-106 points each

Interception Return Yards-50-9991 point for every 5

Blocked Field Goals0-1010 points each

Blocked Punts0-1010 points each

Blocked Extra Points0-1010 points each

Tackles0-992 points each

Tackles0-99.5 point for every 3

Sacked a QB0-254 points each

Tackles for a Loss0-25.5 points each

Safeties0-1010 points each



Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent)0-101.5 points each

Forced Fumbles0-101 point each

Passes Defended0-995.5 points each

Passes Defended0-991.5 point for every 3

Defensive Tackles0-991 point each

Defensive Assists0-990.5 points each

Sacked a QB0-251.5 points each

Quarterback Hits0-104.5 points each

Quarterback Hits0-991.5 point for every 3



Passes Defended0-994.5 points each

Passes Defended0-991 point for every 3

Quarterback Hits0-993.5 points each



Passes Defended0-992.5 points each

Passes Defended0-991 point for every 3

Quarterback Hits0-103 points each



Passes Defended0-992 points each

Passes Defended0-991 point for every 3

Quarterback Hits0-103.5 points each

( here is some more info )

Commissioner Email Address:Send Email To Commish

Commissioner Username(s):

Total Number of Divisions:4

Number of Conferences:2

Number of Franchises:20

Number of Roster Spots:25

Number of Injured Reserve Spots:3

Head-To-Head Matchups:Yes

Each Player can be on:1 rosters per Conference

Track Player Salaries and/or Contracts:No


Franchise Abilities:Submit lineups

 Perform Add/Drops

 Drop players without Adding

 Propose / accept trades

 Make IR moves

 Write league articles

 Post to message board

 Post to league chat and trash-talk videos

 Create league polls

 Customize franchise

 Customize home page

 Participate in survivor pool

 Participate in NFL pool

Commissioner Lockout:No, the commissioner has the ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.


Standings Sort Criteria #1:Overall Winning Percentage

Standings Sort Criteria #2:Divisional Winning Percentage

Standings Sort Criteria #3:Conference Winning Percentage

Standings Sort Criteria #4:Head-To-Head Record

Standings Sort Criteria #5:Total Points Scored


Conferences/Divisions:Conference 1 - LAWRENCE TAYLOR, Conference 1 - RONNIE LOTT, Conference 2 - JOE GREENE, Conference 2 - JOE MONTANA 



Calculate Fantasy Results From:Week 1 through Week 17

Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:1

Ties Are:Counted as ties


Total Starters:19

Number of Starting QBs:1

Number of Starting RBs:2-3

Number of Starting WRs:3-4

Number of Starting TEs:1-2

Number of Starting PKs:1

Number of Starting DTs:1-2

Number of Starting DEs:2-3

Number of Starting LBs:2-3

Number of Starting CBs:2-3

Number of Starting Ss:2-3

Maximum Number of Starting QB/RB/WR/TE Players:9

Total Number of Starting Individual Defensive Players:10

Lineup Submission Deadline:Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game

Are Partial Lineups Allowed?YES

Hide starting lineups from all owners until:Never hide starters.

Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?Yes


Number Of QB on Roster:1-0

Number Of RB on Roster:1-0

Number Of WR on Roster:2-0

Number Of TE on Roster:1-0

Number Of PK on Roster:1-0

Number Of DT on Roster:1-0

Number Of DE on Roster:1-0

Number Of LB on Roster:1-0

Number Of CB on Roster:1-0

Number Of S on Roster:1-0


Display NFL Player Injury Status?

Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report?

Display Rosters Report?Yes

Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?Yes

Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule?

Display NFL News Articles?

Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?Yes

Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?No

Time Zone:CT

Display "Aquired" Column on Rosters Report?No

Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)?No

Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)?No


Draft Pick Time Limit Turned:On and set to 0:01.25 hours


Add/Drop System:Blind Bid Requests For Locked Players, First Come/First Serve For Rest

Waivers Processed Automatically:Yes

Waivers Are Processed On:
Check the League Calendar for additional waiver events.Wed at 3 AM ET

Dropped Players are Locked Until:2 day(s) later

Prevent Owners From Making ANY Add/Drops Between Kickoff of that player's gameand the end of the last game of the week?Yes

Once a player is acquired, he cannot be dropped for this many days:1


Maximum Amount Each Owner Can Spend During The Season On Blind Bid Waivers:$200.00

All Blind Bids Must Be In Increments Of:$1.00

Minimum Blind Bid Amount:$1.00

Amount charged to blind bidding balance for each player acquired via FCFS waivers:$0.00

Are Conditional Blind Bids Allowed?No

Do Winning Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner's Accounting Report As "Real" Dollars?No

Blind Bidding Ties Are Broken By:Sort Criteria Listed Below

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #1:Power Rank

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #2:Last Week's Point Total

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #3:Total Points Scored

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #4:Overall Winning Percentage


When An Owner Accepts A Trade:The trade requires approval from the commissioner.

Display Trade Comments To All Owners?Yes

Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through?Yes

When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup?No

Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For:3

Prevent Owners From Accepting Trades Between Kickoff of that player's gameand the end of the last game of the week?Yes


Player Must Be Classified As Before Being Deactivated:IR or out

Can a player be deactivated when he is listed as "Suspended"?No

In case of an IR violation, prevent owner from submitting lineup?Yes

Once deactivated, an owner cannot activate a player for:3 days



League will be composed of 20 teams, divided into 2 Conferences with 2 divisions of 5 teams each. League consists of 13 Week regular season games with the playoffs beginning in week 14. 13 Week regular season - Each team plays divisional opponents twice, three other conference opponents, and two non-conference games.


8 teams qualify for the playoffs.  The qualifying teams: 4 from each conference.  This will consist of 1 Conference winner (best records) from each conference and 4 wild cards from each conference who have the next best record, win percentage, head to head record, total points.  This will reflect in the standings. There will be no first round bye. All teams play in each round.  The top team will be compensated with a payout.  The  Playoffs will run weeks 14 – 16. 

Teams will be seeded bases on high seed and low seed and progress on in that format each round of the playoffs so that each conference will be represented in the champship game.  There will be no 1st round bye for any team.  This is done to prevent guys from other conferences from potentially facing a team that has the same player on their team.  The earliest this could happen would be week 15 of the playoffs. The top best teams will face the lower seeds between each conference.  Teams will be seeded on: 1. Overall Winning Percentage, 2. Total Points Scored. 

Remember - Each conference playoff is seperate.  The top teams of each conference will battle it out in week 15. There may be instances where I will have to manually seed the teams to keep the conferences seperated until it is time to face off.  High Seed will be paired with lower seed.  If there is a tie in records each team will be seeded based on;  when each 1. Overall Winning Percentage, 2. Total Points Scored.  #2 will happen if teams that are to be reseeded have the same regular season record.

During the regular season Ties are counted as Ties. In playoffs that system will not work. A Tie in a playoff game in a head to head match up will result in the team with the most total points scored in the playoffs advancing.  Should this happen in the first round of the playoffs, the higher seeded team advances.

Team Format

A.) Roster:
Teams will be comprised of 25 Roster Slots. There are no rostoer limits and owners are required to start a player in each of the required spots: Roster Slots will be filled by the following positions: Quarterback (QB), Running Back (RB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE), Kicker (K), and (IDP) - 2 Defensive Ends, 1 Defensive Tackle, 2 Line Backers, 2 Safety & 2 Defensive Backs.  

B.) Injured Reserve:
There are 3 additional Roster Slot available for Injured Reserve. This slot can only be used for a player who is Out or Doubtful - the site will indicate this.  When a player is upgraded to Questionable/Probable or Active, then he must be removed from IR in a 3 day window. Either that player or another must be cut from the team roster. Suspended players are not eligible. If the player that is on your IR is listed as doubtful but plays, he must be activated the next week. If not activated you will not be able to set your lineup.

C.) Trades:
Team owners may trade players until the start of week 9 games have ended. Trades must be for equal number of players, but regardless of position. If uneven, a player may need to be dropped. IR players may not be traded. All trades are conditional and subject to review by Trade Panel of 4 owners. Trading teams may be contacted to discuss trade before approval.

D.) Free Agency:
Free Agents are available by waiver system.  Blind Bidding from kickoff of the first game of the week through Wednesday at 10:00 AM ET. First come, first served through kickoff of the first game of the following week. Waivers end on week 17 kickoff.  BID ACCORDINGLY ONCE YOU EXHAUST YOUR $200 BLIND BIDDING BUDGET YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE TO ADD PLAYERS.  THERE WILL BE NO WAY TO ADD MORE FUNDS TO YOUR BIDDING ACCOUNT.

*If league payment is not made 1 week prior to the draft, you will not be playing in 4th & Goal League. You are welcomed to try again next season if we have openings.

League fee must be paid by AUGUST 15th $200

In the following ways:

Paypal – layitdown33@yahoo.com 

Google Wallet – jcalmese@gmail.com 

Chase quick pay – jcalmese@gmail.com 

League Safe: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3939164

*If league payment is not made 1 week prior to the draft, you will not be playing in 4th & Goal League. You are welcomed to try again next season if we have openings.

E.) Starting Lineups:

The Starting Lineup (SL) for each team will be: (1) QB, (2) RB, (3) WR, (1) TE, (1) K, (2) IDP DE, (1) IDP DT, (2) IDP LB, (2) IDP DB, (2) IDP SAFETY, (1) FLEX (RB or WR or TE),  (1) FLEX IDP (DE or DT or LB or CB or S). This SL is determined by the Team Owner each week. The SL may be modified until kickoff of game player is active in. If there are Thursday or Saturday games, those players involved must be selected or unselected before kickoff of those games.

Starting Lineup Setup

Total Starters:                              19

Number of Starting QBs:               1

Number of Starting RBs:               2-3

Number of Starting WRs:              3-4

Number of Starting TEs:               1-2

Number of Starting PK:                1

Number of Starting DEs:               2-3

Number of Starting DT:                 1-2

Number of Starting LBs:               2-3

Number of Starting CB:                2-3

Number of Starting S:                  2-3

If the SL is not changed, it defaults back to the previous week. Please be aware that it is up to you to check status of player’s health and bye weeks. Team owners are expected to submit a lineup without injured or bye-week players if at all possible. If a team is deemed ‘abandoned’ by not updating lineup then Commissioner will set lineup based on rankings from www.fftoolbox.com.

SCORING - See Scoring Tab


30 teams Payouts - 3 conferences of 10 teams. 

Calculations based on 2015 season of 30 teams


There will be two draft dates;  Saturday August 20   11:00 AM CST and Sunday August 21 1:00 PM CST.


*If league payment is not made 1 week prior to the draft, you will not be playing in 4th & Goal League. You are welcomed to try again next season if we have openings.

$200 League fee --- 200* 20 = 4000…


Conference winners

(1 from each conference – Highest Overall Standings based on record.  Points is the tie breaker)

$100*2 (Conf. Winners) =      $200

Playoff qualifiers $25 * 6 = $150

Commish League fee -        -$200

Site Fee & Trophy -             $250

Consolation Bracket Winners -   

1st - $150            2nd - $125          3rd - $75       4th - $50            

League winners

                                1st -      $1,600             2nd -     $900                3rd-      $300                                                     

Total = $4000

Payouts will be processed when all fees have been collected.


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