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HIIIGGGHHHtower train to the championship (1 Viewer)

Arnold. S

I didn't have the stones to start this guy over Addai this week, but he sure is looking pretty good.

First half numbers in his first start: 13 carries, 73 yds, and a 30 yd TD run.

Remaining schedule doesn't look to be the best, but with the passing attack, I could see him having some productive weeks. Not bad for a late round pick or waiver pickup!

10 Nov 10 SFO

11 Nov 16 @ SEA

12 Nov 23 NYG

13 Nov 27 @ PHI

14 Dec 7 STL

15 Dec 14 MIN

16 Dec 21 @ NWE

17 Dec 28 SEA

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I tried to be cute and take him in the last round of my keeper league. I got beat out by 3 picks. It is going to be a painful lesson for years to come because this kid has a bright future with the Cards. I should have taken him in the next to last round.

taking his owners to a championship is a bit of an overreaction there guy. Just sayin...

THere is no way hightower is making or breaking anyone's season. He's not THAT productive to do so. Kurt warner the year Trent Green got hurt, thats the type of production that'll take that player's owners to the championship. Hightower is not even at a quarter of that production...

Awesome! I was just thinking the 3 Hightower threads on the 1st page weren't enough.



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