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Hixon or Toomer.... (1 Viewer)

I'm pretty sure whoever is OPEN will get the love.

Sure this isn't a not-so-sneaky-ACF-post?

I own both and am starting Hioxon this week. Granted it was before the Burress escapade, but Toomer has disappeared at tims this season. Hixon seems to me to have more upside and has produced every time he's had the chance. Toomer had a couple more targets last week, but let's see what happens now that Hixon is getting more practice time with the 1st team offense.

I'm wondering if Caughlin and the NYG will want to get Hixon involved, in sync, chemistry, etc. for the playoff. Yes, whoever is open, yet the Giants will eventually have to have a passing game. Perhaps he's a decent #2 down the stretch? I can see Toomer being right there as well.

I'm leaning Hixon, but the majority seems to be on Toomer. Thoughts???
The majority of who? :no:

There's been no shortage of Hixon/Toomer discussion in TSP, and this poll from 3 days ago had Hixon favored 69-31:

So who is "the guy" WR with NYG now?, Toomer or Hixon?

The other Steve Smith will get targets as well. I think Domenik will be the pseudo deep threat, Kevin Boss and the ancient one from the Bay Area via Michigan have Eli's trust in the Green Zone. None of them will put up monster games, that is not their game plan (run run run first), and Plax was really the only guy who had the upside to dominate with the potential for a 20+ game.

Toomer is a well-known Eagle killer.

That's the story for this week, and he's more likely to get the PPR love as well.


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