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Home, Away, International, & Thursday games (1 Viewer)


Has anyone ever seen research or had any thoughts on whether a player's schedule is important from a fantasy projection perspective? I'm asking about the "place" they play rather than the opponents.
  1. Home vs. Away games. In a 15-game season, teams can have from 6 to 8 home games. Teams typically play better at home, but does this translate to fantasy points?
  2. International games.---there are 5 this year.
  3. Thursday games—there are 38 this year. Teams have 0-2 of these. A buddy refuses to start non-elite players on Thursdays because he feels that the results are more unpredictable.
The schedule is definitely not a key metric for evaluating players. But let's say you are choosing from 2 interchangeable WRs. Would the schedule come into play?

Interested in any and all thoughts. Thanks!
Location is important and should be factored into your weekly lineup decisions. Goff was much, much better at home last year than he was on the road. Thursday games tend to be ugly so I usually try and stay away from borderline starters in those games and usually boost IDP side of things.

Typically I use home/away splits for lineup decisions. Not so much on drafting decisions.

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