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LOL= Laughing out loud

IMO= In My Opinion


Please explain.

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someone please explain. im not kiddin. have been here for 4 years and dont know what it means..........
from the Free For All
1. HONDA Reference to this Honda car commercial. It was posted several times in the Free For All. If you start a thread that's a duplicate of a previous posting you can be sure someone will play the :honda: on you. As a matter of etiquette, this should be accompanied by a link to the previous thread. (Also sometimes referred to as a "penquin.")
A honda is when multiple people all post the same thing in different posts. A few years ago there was a Honda commercial that a lot of people liked, and so there were something like 20 different topics started about how cool it was. And so now when there are multiple threads going on the same topic it is called a Honda.

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