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Hoping for expert advice. Auction strategy and Keepers... (1 Viewer)


I have been in a couple of auction drafts and always feel like I am ready for the auction. As it stands, i don't think I have ever had a great auction draft, 

My questions: 

1. When deciding who to keep, i always assumed I would want to keep my studs if they were priced right. drafted a player for cheap that breaks out, keep him for cheap. Get a decent deal on a stud and keep him. I looked at some of my options and I can keep Jared Goff for $3. I am in a 2 QB league and although he will not be a stud, he will be well worth $3. if nothing else, I can grab a 3rd QB if the price is right at the auction. That gives me a player to trade or a starting QB for dirt cheap. Everyone grabs 3 QBs if they can,  so we typically need to grab a backup and hope for an injury. 

  • Does it make sense to keep some lower priced players who will still get you some numbers, especially for cheap? 
2. Part of the reason i do so poorly is that I try not to go for the players getting $50-$60 prices as it takes up too much of my budget. It seems as if some people pay a fortune but still manage to roster a good team. I just don't get it. 

3. When deciding on keepers, I was thinking about looking at auction values then comparing my players to the average auction price to see who to keep. i would then decide if the value is there or if I think the production will be there with that player. 

Keeper Advice needed: 

League is an auction draft, Start: 2 of all positions, QB, RB, WR, TE, DEF, K and two flex of WR, RB or TE. We can keep up to 3 players. I have listed my players and their price i will pay this year to keep them. I will point out who i think I should consider keeping, but would like to get some help as I need it. I am in two leagues that have the exact same rules and exact same people playing. 

League 1: 

Keepers    Position    Team    Cost

Who I am thinking of keeping: 

  • Dalvin Cook    RB    Vikings    $2 (absolutely keeping)
  • Jared Goff    QB    Rams    $3 (absolutely keeping)
Other players on roster: 

  • Jameis Winston    QB    Buccanears    $28
  • Mark Ingram    RB    Saints    $19
  • CJ Anderson    RB    Denver    
  • Stefon Diggs    WR    Vikings    $17
  • Desean Jackson    WR    Buccanears    $2
  • Marcedes Lewis    TE    Jax    $1
  • ASJ    TE    Jax    $7
  • Brandin Cooks    WR    LAR    $44
  • Nelson Agholor    WR    Phi    $11
  • Kelvin Benjamin    WR    Buf    $17
  • Alfred Morris    RB    Dallas    $8
  • George Kittle    TE    SF    $1
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick    QB    TB    $3
  • Kenny Stills    WR    Mia    $5
League 2: 

Keepers    Position    Team    Cost

Players I am thinking of keeping:

  • Randall Cobb    WR    GB    $7(questionable to keep)
  • Andrew Luck    QB    Ind    $8 (absolutely keeping)
  • Marlon Mack    RB    Ind    $5 (hamstring injury, so not sure now)
  • Kenny Golladay    WR    Det    $4 (Sleeper pick?)
Other players on my roster:

  • Andy Dalton    QB    Cin    $20
  • Nick Foles    QB    Phi    $10
  • CJ Anderson    RB    Car    $11
  • Jamaal Williams    RB    GB    $10
  • D Thomas    WR    Den    $22
  • Dez Bryant    WR    Dal    $40
  • Greg Olsen    TE    Car    $32
  • M Crabtree    WR    Bal    $19
  • Kenny Stills    WR    Mia    $11
  • Teddy Bridgewater    QB    NYJ    $3
  • Rex Burkhead    RB    NE    $10
  • Jermaine Gresham    TE    Ari    $10
Thank you 



Yes, it makes sense to keep some lower priced players and it is also good to buy up for one stud. If you don't pay up for a stud you are essentially employing a zero rb, zero wr, zero qb strategy which could in theory work but isn't very probable to work. Best to have one or two key players and build your draft around them. Also by bidding up some early players you diminish your opponents bankrolls.

In League 1 I'd keep Goff, Cook and Kittle. Yes Kittle is hurt right now but if you need to start 2 te's you can't beat him for a buck.

In league 2 I would not keep Mack who even if healthy isn't likely to put up good numbers in that committee. Depending on their health I'd rather take a chance on either Burkhead or Williams or even pay up for Olson since you need two starting TE's

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I don't know what budget is, but Diggs is good value at budget >=$150. Stills also holds some value in league 1.


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