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Houshmanzadeh or Coles? (1 Viewer)


I am in an a League in which we are able to retain 8 players per year including IDP's. With the 8th spot on my keeper list I can keep T.J. Houshmanzadeh or acquire L. Coles pretty cheaply via a trade. I had Coles a few years back when he did very well with Pennington but injuries are a concern for both of them. Houshmanzadeh on the other hand had a great finish last year and I think that Cincy offense might go off this year. What do folks think between these two WR's?Sorry, thought I was in the Asst. Coach forum.

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I'll play nice... :P I'd go with Housh. Coles already has the recurring toe problem he had last year. I'm just leary of protecting a guy that has lingering foot problems. If you can wait, watch how Coles progresses during camp.

Jet homer here..... FYI, I now have McCariens over Coles on my WR cheat sheet. Coles has dropped, but McCariens moves WAY up with every practice I watch.


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