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** Houston at Dallas ** (-17.5, 44) (1 Viewer)

So the choices are...

-Kick a FG and go up 26-20 over Dallas with about 3:20 left, Houston opts not to do that

Instead they decide to try and go for it on 4th and Goal from about the 2 yd line
And they end up looking like a temp worker on their 1st Day
What a horrible looking 4th and goal call
IDK it feels like the right decision IMO.

A Dallas TD wins for them either way so their downside is the Cowboys have 60 or whatever yards to kick the FG and go to OT where they still have an opportunity to win. In a lost season does it kill the Texans if they lose in OT?

The TD makes it a 2 score game and a likely win. There is no downside to going for it on a 1 & whatever team.
I agree. I don't see a difference between being up three but opps buried at the 2 or being up 6 kicking off. Statistically your odds of winning are only a few points higher being up 6...but WAAAAAY higher if you convert and go up 10
Just to be clear my position is, somewhat, based on the Texans season as a whole. They're locked into the #1 pick, almost, so why not?
That last false start was on Mills/center as he moved when the play clock hit zero. It’d have been a delay of game if not for his penalty.

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