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Houston at Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Way to be in the game and deliver at the goaline like one of the true stud FF RBs left.

Thank you, Charles!

Laser to Hopkins. Darn autocorrect

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Emotional time for Wade Phillips, I'm sure the defense wants to really play well for him today.

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Chiefs drive stalls. Dropped passes and smith missed Charles on a deep sideline route.

Ryan Harris is probably an upgrade at right tackle. Only reason I can think of the Texans haven't replaced Newton with him full time is they want to let Newton continue to develop.

Also... nice to have a FB who can serve as a RB when needed. One advantage of Jones over Leach.

Barring injury can we just pencil in Charles for the number running back this year? With the amount of catches he gets out of the backfield, and the fact he is the teams first, second, and third option in the red zone.

If that was a designed play, the play call is probably Right Offset I Slot Left Just Dumb Enough It'll Work Against The Texans.

Helmet to the ribs on Tate, walked off under his own power.

Houston going empty backfield at the moment but has Greg Jones still.

This would be a good time for Houston's defense to force a turnover. Before the Chiefs run the Annexation of Puerto Rico for a touchdown.

Have been a Quintin Demps fan. Liked him better than Shiloh Keo who the Texans kept and is now filling in for injured Danieal Manning.


The way this season has gone, the moment they said a Texan is down I thought it has to be Cushing or Watt.

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