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Houston at San Francisco (1 Viewer)

Hoping to watch Swatt and Cushing take out their anger on Kaepernick. Going to be fun to watch if/how Watt is able to do against a better OL than last week.

Schaub definitely has the yips. Hes a good qb imo and they clearly have no choice but to stick with him

How many Pick 6s is that for Schaub now? Several games in a row now isn't it?

Guessing they showed some graphic on this...wasn't in the room.

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Shaub now has the record all to himself with 4 straight weeks with a pick 6. I was surprised that Elway and Peyton were the other 2 QBs he was tied with.

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Or not. What a bunch of losers. Get to the red zone and your balls shrivel up. That's Kubiak.

How is he still employed? if I held the record for most #### ups at my job, my employer would send me packing.
Would they have fired Elway and P Manning as well?
That comparison is ridiculous!!
Those were the two other QBs that have thrown as many pick 6es as Schaub.
I understand, but Schaub is bad, very bad.... When you begin regressing as a vet QB, it's time to take a seat... He is so bad this season. I mean I hope he keeps it up tonight and then gets benched.

I say he throws another one tonight - As a bonus I'm calling Eric Reid grabbing his first NFL score :)

Don't they have to cut Bullock? This guy is not good right now and he is killing the Texans more than helping.


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