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Houston at San Francisco (1 Viewer)

Surprised at the no call. Feels like those calls are going against the Niners all season.

The way foster just glides thru the holes is amazing. How did this guy go undrafted. I just dont understand. Skillwise hes up there with anyone in the league except perhapsadp, mccoy, and rice

Whitner is an idiot. But he sure does hit hard..

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Geez. Shaub is so weak-armed and AJ is so good and quick at getting into position that it looks like AJ gets there, calls room service, and then waits for the pick to come in.

ever notice how often AJ actually looks like he is going the wrong direction when he catches? He is. He is constantly having to come back and then get the pass and then turn again. Would be nice to see a pass actually hit him in stride. Maybe josh freeman is available.

I can see why they were spelling Gore with Hunter, but I hope they don't do that often in the second half.

He sucks....is Josh Freeman really worse?
At least Shaub knows his offensive plays, Freeman doesn't even show up to meetings.

I thought Freeman to the Raiders was basically a done deal by the way? What happened? They're going for Jemarcus Freeman.

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Can they start the next game early as this one seems over.
Agreed. I used to hate Phillip Rivers when he was younger, he was a real self-entitled punk.. but he seems a lot more humble after getting kicked in the nuts a few hundred times last year. It looks like he's out there having fun with his team regardless of who it is and showing a real competitive spirit. Long story short, I like watching Philip Rivers now lol.


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