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Houston RB Situation (1 Viewer)


Any news on the Houston RB situation? Is Ahman officially out? News ticker says Slaton will start and split carries with Taylor.

Everything I've seen says that Slaton will get his opportunity to show what he's got. Unfortunately for him, it's against Tennessee at home.

It's really just as you said. Slaton gets his chance to day against a very tough defense. But if he performs, expect that lineup to continue even if/when Ahman returns. If he struggles, it will be a RBBC including any healthy body.

As a Slaton owner I hope he shows something this week. It will be pretty tough going with the Titans D in front of him today. Still think he will get more chances as the years of pounding at RB is starting to show up on Green. Green can only hope to be a healthy for a small string of games, so Slaton should have some chances later in the season if he doesn't get a solid one this time around.

I own slaton but won't be starting him with this tough matchup. Hopefully he does enough to give Kubiak confidence to give him the majority of the carries in the future.

No thoughts on Taylor? It'll be interesting to see what the split is between the two. Remember decent amount of discussion on this guy, maybe he'll get a chance today too.


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