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How are you ranking players in London? (1 Viewer)


Just glancing at FBG rankings and they seem to have evereyone ranked right around where you would normally expect to see them. After last year's dibocle, and taking into consideration the travel, weather, and the fact they have repeatedly complained the fields weren't meant for 250+ pounders, I'm thinking everyone involved in this game deserves a significant downgrade. Any other opinions?

Last I saw they said Light Rain and winds from 10-13mph, so not terribly bad, but not as good as it could be. I'm starting Colston.

Starting Colston and Brees with confidence. SD's pass D is awful and Cromartie isn't starting (think I heard this on ESPN?)

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if winds over 20 I am downgradeing both passing games and kickers. Upgradeing McAllister and LT for what its worth! Garrold shouldnt be effected that bad in hi winds as he doent throw deep much anyway.

Floyd or M. Jones as a wr-3? I am thinking Floyd!

Both TE'S I wouldnt worry about. Henderson would be worthless without the long ball.

Might help Moore. Colston I would sit another week!

Brees is one I am most worried about besides Colston. He looked like he missed Reggie last week and now has to contend with rain and hi winds.

Changes a good passing matcxh up for both to a nuetural. Balls liable to be flying all over the place.

Both D'S get a bump!

Of coarse all this goes for naught if winds die down!

I seem to recall a lot of discussion last year about how bad the turf was, that it just didn't have the root system to hold up to American football. This has me concerned about both running and passing. Will the backs be able to drive and pump the legs with any effectiveness, not to mention cutbacks, and will PR's be able to get in and out of their routes properly. Can't help but downgrade every off. position, but, at the same time, upgrade both D's.


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