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How are your playoffs setup for seedings throughout? (1 Viewer)


In an ESPN league, won the first round of playoffs as the lowest seed, and then in the 2nd round, I should have played the remaining highest seed, but instead ESPN already preset the brackets after the first round, and I ended up playing the #2 seed instead. I lost, but would have won the championship if it was setup correctly and the commish made the adjustments after the first round. Anyone else run into this problem? I know ESPN pre-sets the matchups, but as a commish, I believe you have the option of changing matchups at any time. Frustrating as all hell I tell ya, :rolleyes:

leagues are all setup differently. I got a few leagues where highest seed always plays the lowest seed in all rounds, and some leagues where it's all done by bracket. No right or wrong, just a matter of how commish would want to set it up.

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If it's not explicit in your rules, you have to accept the way ESPN set it up. Different leagues do this differently.

Do your league rules say that the lowest seed always plays the highest seed? I play in some leagues that do and some that do not. Certainly it is not a given.


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