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How do you guys evaluate trades? (1 Viewer)


Any site you use? I just traded Morneo for Gore. Moreno has played better so far but Gore doesn't share the back field much.

Well, I try to watch games as most as possible to see what a team's gameplan is. If a player is heavily featured, that bumps them up quite a bit. If a player is obviously talented, that bumps them up some more. San Francisco uses the Running Game and Defense to smother teams, so most weeks Frank Gore is a viable Fantasy option.

Knowshon Moreno is playing on a prolific offense, however he has the risk of giving up carries in the 2nd Half if the Broncos are blowing out teams. But seeing as how poorly the Broncos Defense has been playing, he's been seeing quite the workload.

Depends on my situation. If my team is doing well, I weigh players that might have an easier schedule in the fantasy playoffs higher. If I'm struggling, I want more immediate help with the schedule.

Unless you're really desperate/thin at a position, the team receiving the 1 player in a 2 for 1 deal usually comes out on top. I try to avoid those deals that a lot of owners try pulling off year after year. They think by offering a couple RB3's or shady flex plays that they can just get a legit starting RB or WR out of you, Don't fall for it.

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I try to dress up an AC thread and get bites in the SP. It works every time, people never notice and give trade advice unwittingly

Usually by how many Illegitimate children each player has. The more the better since they have to pay all that child support. Cromartie is the ultimate player to trade for in IDP!

I use this trade evaluator as a starting point: http://www.fantasysp.com/nfl_trade_analyzer/

I even reference it in trade offers or when I'm acting as a commish and I reject a trade (which is very rare) or when I have to defend an approval.

Other than that, I look at

  • upcoming schedules
  • health of players
  • whether outgoing players are sell highs
  • incoming are buy lows
  • late in the season, weather
  • if RBs, does team run a lot; if WRs/QBs, do they throw a lot?
  • roster position imbalances
  • does it help a team I'm trying to catch?
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Any site you use? I just traded Morneo for Gore. Moreno has played better so far but Gore doesn't share the back field much.
Horrible trade... Redraft or dynasty. Worse in Dynasty but I would rather have Moreno then gore. Is this non ppr or ppr. In ppr Moreno is 4th Gore is 16th 118-75 moreno 43 more points. Big diff imo.


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