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How do you run your leagues with deeper starting lineups (1 Viewer)

What is better in a league with a large starting lineup (dynasty)

  • Start with a couple studs, then trade some depth for another stud and fill in the other spots with m

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  • Have a team full of very good players but only 1 stud or 2.

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Say your league setting are start 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te and 2 flex, or even 2qbs and the rest the same.

Would you rather have 3 to 5 studs, after you traded some depth. Then fill those 2 flex spots or even the 3rd receiver with guys off waivers. Here is an example

R. Wilson

D. Martin

R. Mendenhall

D. Richardson

D. Thomas

A.J. Green

D. Baldwin

J. Simpson

J. Graham


would you rather have only 2 studs but have a bunch of high end wr3 and wr2 for your flex. Another example

T. Romo

J. Charles

D. Sproles

C. Johnson

A. Brown

D. Bowe

A. Boldin

B. Marshall

J. Finely


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