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How Do You Use Time Of Possession Stats For Dynasty Success? (1 Viewer)

the lone star

How Do You Use Time Of Possession Stats For Dynasty Success?

This can include IDP leagues as well.

On the one hand, teams with high time of possession may complete more passes and first downs, but they may also score less. I think the Chiefs were in the bottom half of the league in TOP and we all know how much they scored this year. While the Cowboys were once a high TOP team, but would only score a handful of TDs per game because they were run-first (circa 2014 when Romo, Murray, Witten, and Dez were all in action).


Miro Z

I would think in terms of the impact on a team's IDP stats on its offensive style.

If a team has a high octane offense (eg KC) that is good for pass-rushers on its D because opposing teams will be behind a lot and will have to throw the ball. It will also probably be helpful for their tackle and INT numbers by their safeties.

If a team has a poor offense which is low-scoring then that is good for tackle heavy LBs on its D because opposing teams will run on them a lot.

A tried and tested IDP strategy is to feature the LBs on terrible teams who everyone runs on.


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