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How does the NFL want London games to play out? (1 Viewer)


The thought behind this question came from looking at starting Kaepernick over Romo this week. It got me thinking about how the NFL would want the yearly games to play out in London.

On one hand a close game would keep people the viewers interested, but on the other hand having the NFL superstars put up great numbers may draw more interest going forward. The Pitt/Minn game a few weeks back had the best of both worlds with a close game and AP rushing for over 140 yds.


They can put anything on and we can still fill Wembley. I never thought they'd go past one game a year and they sold two out no problems and now expanding to three. Idiots like me have waited a lifetime to see actual NFL games, there was a time we never even saw a game on the TV let alone in person so we'll happily spend the money to go and watch any rubbish such as this weeks game. I can't wait!


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