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How many points have you left on your bench so far? Wins vs. Losses . (1 Viewer)

Uncle Humuna

Week 1

(s) David Garrard: 4

(b) Aaron Rodgers: 19

(s) Clinton Portis: 5

(b) Chris Johnson: 15

(s) Will Witherspoon: 1

(b) Stewart Bradley: 11

Result: Win 81-72

Points left on bench: 35

Week 2

(s) Chris Johnson: 7

(b) Chris Perry: 10

(s) Dwayne Bowe: 5

(b) Bryant Johnson: 11

(s) Stewart Bradley: 2

(b) Channing Crowder: 11

Result: Win 115-81

Points left on bench: 18

Week 3

(s) Earnest Graham: 1

(b) Chris Perry: 11

(s) Chris Johnson: 4

(b) Steve Slaton: 13

(s) Andre Johnson: 1

(b) Dwayne Bowe: 8

(s) Mike Peterson: 2

(b) Will Witherspoon: 9

Result: Loss 68-93

Points left on bench: 33

Week 4

(s) Aaron Rodgers: 8

(b) David Garrard: 21

(s) Chris Perry: 3

(b) Chris Johnson: 16

(s) Marion Barber: 1

(b) Steve Slaton: 13

(s) Andre Johnson: 2

(b) Matt Jones: 10

Result: Loss 59-92

Points left on bench: 46

Week 5

(s) David Garrard: 12

(b) Aaron Rodgers: 25

Result: Win 95-40

Points left on bench: 13


Record: 3-2

Ave. PLoB in Wins: 22

Ave. PLoB in Losses: 39.5


Every year in week 1 I leave a high scorer on my bench because I have no idea how he'll be used. This year it was Chris Johnson and it cost me my game. I figured Fisher would ease the rookie into the season, heavily relying on White early on, especially in game 1. Instead they split the touches, Johnson succeeds and I lose.


Left on the bench

Favre = 38 points (started Rogers 12 points)

Stephen Jackson 26 points (Started MJD 4 points)

I was lucky the guy I was playing left Larry Johnson on his bench (LJ 33 points) and I won


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