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How many top 5 guys are in your lineup? (1 Viewer)


How many top 5 players in FF scoring, according to YOUR league scoring, do you have in your weekly starting lineup? The meat of my lineup are these guys:QB: Palmer (1st in QB pts)RB: Alexander (1st in RB pts, tied with LT)WR: C Johnson (2nd in WR pts)PK: Rackers (1st in PK pts)Not a bad nucleus. DEF and TE are near misses. Carolina is 3 points away from top 5, and Witten is 8 points away from being top 5. No one else in my league is that clsoe to having a top 5 starter at each position.

I have Edge (3rd in my league), Galloway (3rd) Bears D (1st) and Holt (6th by 3pts).. Edit: It's weird how T.O. is still statistically ranked in the top 10 right now at 9th, even though he hasn't played in weeks..

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LT2 (1st RB, 1st Overall)VanderJagt (5th-K)Only two, but that one at RB sealed up my division title and a bye. Thanks, LaDanian

12-team dynasty:QB - Brady (4th)RB - Alexander (2nd), Jordan (3rd)WR - C.Johnson (3rd)TE - Shockey (2nd)Feels great, but the league is BORING

T Barber (5)Pittsburgh (5)---------------------------------------That's it, but near misses almost everywhere.Add Warner and McCown together (it's been relatively easy to know which one is going to start every week so far) and they are the #3 QB :eek: only 3 points behind Manning for 2nd (about 35 behind Palmer in 1st).I thought L.J. Smith would be no where near the top 5 TEs because he has been pretty bad lately, but he is actually #6 and only 1 point out of 5th.J Galloway is 6th and only 3 points out of 5th at WR.

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LT, Crumpler, and Feely. They and Dunn have carried me to the playoffs despite Favre's erratic games and mostly a bunch of schleps at WR (including fn Moss).

With different leagues, I'll just list my favorite FF team:12 team dynasty:QB: Palmer (1), backup is Eli (7)RB: LT (1), Edge (3)WR: Fitzgerald (3)TE: Witten (5)PK: ----DL: ----LB: ----DB: Polomalu (2)Not bad. :)

LT2 = #1Gate=#1Heap =#4We run two TE sets and LJ at #6 helps greatly.edittoadd: Collins = #5

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Edit: 12 team redraftLT (1)Tiki (5)Holt (5)J. Wilkens (4)Panthers (3)12-1... #1 seed

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Two main local leagues (I'm 1st in division and total points in both)in #1 I have:QB - Tom Brady (#4 in pts)RB - none (I have #6 - Westbrook)WR - S. Smith (#1), C. Johnson (#3), and S. Moss (#5)TE - Gonzo (#5)K - Graham (#4)D - Bears (#1)in #2 I have:QB - Brady (#4)RB - LT (#1) and Westbrook (#5)WR - Holt (#4)TE - Shockey (#2)K - noneD - none

RB:Shaun Alexander (drafted #2 overall)Stephen Jackson (drafted 12th)Larry Johnson (drafted in 8th round) :thumbup: WR:GallowayQB:Palmer (mid season trade)PK:Tynes and Vanderjagt

14 teamerPalmerEdgeLamontSteve SmithHolt Larry FitzRackersCinCinReally lucked out with the K and D.

LT (1) 1st roundJordan (4) 4th round (L.Johnson @ 6, 7th round, now starts for me though)CJ (2) 3rd roundFitzgerald (3) trade for KJones (2nd round) and Jimmy Smith (8th or 9th) week 7Galloway (4) WWBears (1) (14th round)TE not required, 10 team redraft.

Not enough.12 teamerQB - Warner/McCown (combined #6)RB - LJ (6)WR - Santana Moss (6)WR - Holt (7)TE - McMichael (5)K - Josh Brown (5)D - Cincinatti (3)Add it up and you get 5 - 7 and out of the playoffs.

12 team, 28 man roster dynasty lague

I have:





Could have gotten Fitz for Roy in the preseason but turned it down! :wall:

1 RB LaDainian Tomlinson4 WR Larry Fitzgerald1 TE Antonio Gates1 PK Neil Rackers5 TM GiantsHonorable mention for:8 QB Brett FavreIn a 14 team redraft.

Ranked according to FP scored, in our league systemQB= None (Collins #8, McNair #16)RB = Alexander #1, ( also got S Jackson #7, Westbrook #8, TJones #12)WR= None (here I'm hurting, my highest rated WR is Curtis #12, then Kennison #20)TE = None (H Miller #8)K = None (J Brown #9)D = Bears #1So only 2 top-5 ranked in my core group, but other than WR everyone else is close to top 5.

10 team -- PPR leagueQB -- nadaRB -- nadaWR -- S Smith 1, Harrison 5TE -- Gonzalez T-5K -- Wilkins T-5D -- Jacksonville 4

How many top 5 players in FF scoring, according to YOUR league scoring, do you have in your weekly starting lineup? The meat of my lineup are these guys:

QB: Palmer (1st in QB pts)

RB: Alexander (1st in RB pts, tied with LT)

WR: C Johnson (2nd in WR pts)

PK: Rackers (1st in PK pts)

Not a bad nucleus.

DEF and TE are near misses. Carolina is 3 points away from top 5, and Witten is 8 points away from being top 5. No one else in my league is that clsoe to having a top 5 starter at each position.
Very similiarQB: Palmer(1st)

RB: Alexander(2nd)

WR:C Johnson(2nd)

PK: Rackers(1st)

TE: Shockey(2nd)

FLEX:S.Jackson(6th,just missed)

DEF/ST: Giants(6th,just missed)

First Year 12-team start up dynasty 1RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex:Team is 10-2, which is surprising given I took KJ at 1.02. Had I only taken Shaun Alexander. :wall:2.11 - Chad Johnson3.02 - Antonio Gates4.11 - Steve Smith5.02 - Carson Palmer14.11 - Cincy D (they were top 5)17.02 - Shayne GrahamFrom a dynasty perspective, my running game should eventually turn into a strength - KJ, Mewelde, Chris Perry plus two #1 picks next season (one pick has a decent shot at being the #1 overall) .... not that anyone cares

In my main league (12 team, 5 keeper, PPR):QB4 - BradyRB3 - JordanRB4 - EdgeWR3 - C. JohnsonWR4 - HoltTE4 - HeapDEF5 - JAXMy only starter out of the top 5 is Vanderjagt (PK9), but he was pretty stout last week!…p.s. 11-1, clinched top playoff spot, been a great year so far…k.o.w.

not many.....team 1, ppr (7-5)CJ (3)Crumpler (3)Rackers (1)also have Westbrook (6) and Bulger who would have been there. ---team 2 (9-3)Heap (4)Jags D (4)also have LJ (6), Bulger again & Holt (6) and Boldin (12) who'd both be close w/o injuries. team 3 - we won't go there, except to say that I had 3 of the top 5 WRs after 4 weeks, and now I have only Moss left playing [if you can call it that].

12 team dynasty IDPQB-Manning #2RB-Alexander #2WR-Holt #4, S.Moss #5TE-Hesp #4PK-Wilkins #4DT- Roye #3LB-Demo Williams #3S- R.Williams #1

here's to my best fantasy team ever ...QB - nothing top 5RB - #1 LT, #7 Steven JacksonWR - #1 Steve Smith, #2 Chad Johnson, #7 Marvin HarrisonTE - nothing top 5K - #1 Neil RackersDef - #4 Jacksonville

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10 team dynastyAlexander (2)S.Smith (1)Fitzgerald (3)Rackers (1)Bears (1)

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Redraft:QB - 0RB - LTWR - HoltTE - GonzoPK - GrahamDF - JaxHarrison & LJ chasing.IDP Dynasty:Offense (1 QB/TE/PK, 2 RB, 3 WR):QB - ManningOther than Kaeding, no one else close. A few guys might make top 12.Defense (start 11 in a 3-4 or 4-3):DL: UmeniyoraLB: Peterson, ThomasDB: GWilsonTop 6-15: Berry, Abraham, Bernard, Quarles, and some DB's just outside 15.

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12 team, redraft, 1 ppr league, all TD = 6, 1pt for 10/10/25My starting roster:Palmer #1Alexander #2Jordan #3Holt #4S Smith #1Heap #4Chicago #1Brown #5

12 team dynasty

#1 Carson Palmer

#4 Lamont Jordan (#6 Jackson)

#3 Chad Johnson

#5 Jason Witten

#1 Chicago Bears & #2 Indianapolis Colts

#2 in points, barely behind the leader, and it'll take a miracle for me to make the playoffs because of bad luck.


10 team redraft.my best team ever, just clinched the regular season championship (10-2)...QB: noneRB: Alexander (#2)WR: Smith (#1), Fitz (#3)TE: noneK: noneIDP: Vilma (#3), Barnett (#5)honorable mention: McNabb (#2 for half the season), Plax (#8)

Redraft:QB Palmer (#1)WR Galloway (#3), Fitz (#5), followed by Holt (#7)PK Graham (#4)Def Near miss with Pitt @ #6RB I've got Dunn #9 followed by Caddy and CumartTE it's Gonzo #9Not a bad lineup on paper. I'm 2nd in total points; 2nd in points against--and desperately trying to make the playoffs this week. :mellow:

10 team redraft league..i have palmeredge,ltholt, fitzi think most are in top 10.. made major trades over last 6 weeks.. done very well..gave up fred taylor early in year for palmer(guy had manning, and weak at rb)traded julus jones and wilford for moore and holtand gave up brees,westbrook,tiki for LT2,shockey SO NEW LINEUP ISPALMEREDGE,LTS,RONIE BROWN,MOORE,S,DAVISFITZ,HLOT,SHOCKEY,ANDRE,ENGRAMpretty good i think

Brady (3rd)E. Manning (4th) (We start 2 QB's)E. James (3rd)C. Johnson (3rd)Shockey (2nd)Also have Westbrook who is the 6th RB by 3 points... I have 5 of the top 19 overall scorers... Hopefully I can get over my Buffalo Bill like postseason problems...

12 team redraft:Tom Brady, #3 QBSteve Smith, #1 WRChad Johnson, #2 WRJeremy Shockey, #2 TECarolina Panthers, #4 DClinched my division last week but only have the 4th best record in the league (8-4).

14 Team RedraftQB Carson (1)RB Edge (3)WR Fitz (4)TE Gates (1)K Tynes (3)Def Chicago (1)DB Adrian Wilson (2)LB A. Pierce (5)DL None

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QB: Carson Palmer (1), Michael Vick (5)RB: Edgerrin James (4), Brian Westbrook (5) (LJ is 8)WR: Larry Fitzgerald (2) (Wayne is 10)TE: Jeremy Shockey (2), Alge Crumpler (3)D/ST: Chicago (1), Indianapolis (2)12 team dynasty with PPR

In Zealots 2, a league where i thought RB's where my bright spot:QB-Peyton and Eli Manning are 2 and 3RB-NoneWR- Steve Smith, Chad Johnson are 1 and 2, Santana Moss is 5(also have Burress who is 8)TE-Jason Witten is 5LB-Jonathan Vilma is 2(Zack Thomas was 3 before he got hurt)DB-Charles Tillman is 2


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