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How much are you downgrading Bucs with O-Line issues? (1 Viewer)

Judge Smails

This is getting bad. I mean really bad. I'm leaning towards fading all Bucs now. Brady will get hit - a lot. He'll face pressure up the middle which he hates. Fournette will not have the holes or push he had. Hard for me to like any of the Bucs at their ADP right now. What say you?

Hot Sauce Guy

Wirfs is reportedly coming back, so that’s big news.

I trust the Bucs to man their line. There’s a long time between now & game 1. I have faith in that organization to put bodies in place to protect Brady.

Might not be pretty the first couple games while they work out their chemistry, but on a scale of 1-10 I’m a 7 confidence level.

Hot Sauce Guy

Fournette will not have the holes or push he had.
I was just reading about Fournette being a tight crease runner - he never really had big holes to run through with the Bucs. But with his running style it’s a great fit for that.

So at least that’s one element to not worry as much about.

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