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How much of a negative impact will the McDaniels OC hiring have on Ste (1 Viewer)


It's no mystery that McDaniels likes to throw the ball and the Rams Pass to Run ratio is bound to shift. I'm not particularly worried about SJax's overall touches going down, so long as the offense is put into a better position to score more often (i.e. more attempts in the red zone). What I am concerned about however, is McDaniels getting cute at the goal line, when historically the Rams would call SJax's number (even multiple times).

What do you think SJax's 2011 outlook is? Am I overreacting here or do I have reason for concern? Can SJax hit the 10TD mark or is that a pipe dream?


Dexter Manley

I'm not worried about McDaniels adversely affecting SJax's production, I'm worried about all the wear and tear SJaz has endured throughout his career. I think there's a significant chance that his production falls of a cliff, much like LT and Portis have the last few years. Watching him this past year, I think he's lost his burst.



I'm not sure McD will effect SJax's production. I don't know if McD ever worked with someone of his caliber before (Dillion maybe ?). Jackson's issue will be with how much gas he has left in the tank, not with the coach.



I think this will be the first offseason in a long time that SJax will not be having surgery or recovering from injury. He could be end up surprising alot of us.



I think it winds up being a wash. Only four RB's had more RZ touches than Jackson this year and he still only had six scores. Truth be told, the Rams could probably increase Jackson's effectiveness down there if they were to pass more anyway. Assuming a more prolific offense in general under McD, that in turn means more red zone trips overall.

So I have a hunch they could probably decrease Jackson's 40% touch rate in the RZ from this year and he ends up being at least as effective (if not more).



McDaniels will get rid of Jackson. After all, he is one of the offensive stars on the team, so McDaniels won't want him around.


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