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How valuable is Roethlisberger to the Steelers? (1 Viewer)


roethlisberger is a monster...without him, the steelers are lost. amazing player, very into this game, also saved the steelers season when he tackled the colts defender after the fumble recovery

these are the hidden plays that just don't show up in the stat line.i don't know if that QB rating calculation accounts for game saving tackles when Nick Harper is about to take a 99 yard fumble return to the house.some players just have ice in their veins and some don't.and it gets more magnified when it's the quarterback.Montana, Elway, Brady...those are some of the guys with ice.Manning...obviosly there is no ice there.Roethlisberger...i think this guy has the ice. i hope he wins the big one. i think he will. maybe not this year. but before he's done i think he'll do it.


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