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How'm I doing? Dynasty/IDP Newbie (1 Viewer)


We're almost halfway through our initial dynasty draft, and seeing as this is the largest league I've ever been a part of, I'd love a little critique from the experts here.

The league is a 12 team, 53 player per team. The scoring and starting lineup details are at the bottom. You can see the whole draft and rosters here. (MFL)

Here is my roster so far:

Player                        YTD Pts     Bye  DraftedCulpepper, Daunte MIN QB (I)    98.1       5     5.11Harrington, Joey DET QB        141.1       3    15.11Barber, Tiki NYG RB            306.0       5     2.02Gore, Frank SFO RB              90.4       6    12.02Perry, Chris CIN RB             71.7      10    14.02Williams, Carnell TBB RB       159.9       7     1.11Bennett, Drew TEN WR           156.1      10     9.11Robinson, Koren MIN WR         137.9       5    17.11Wayne, Reggie IND WR           218.5       8     4.02Heiden, Steve CLE TE (I)       144.1       4    22.02Witten, Jason DAL TE           243.7       9     3.11Gbaja-Biamila, Kabeer GBP DE   173.5       6    19.11James, Erasmus MIN DE           91.0       5    20.02Smith, Will NOS DE             203.5      10    11.11Umenyiora, Osi NYG DE          242.5       5     7.11Edwards, Donnie SDC LB         237.0      10     6.02June, Cato IND LB              166.0       8    18.02Peterson, Mike JAC LB          219.5       7     8.02Gamble, Chris CAR CB           185.1       7    13.11Robinson, Dunta HOU CB         173.0       3    16.02Tillman, Charles CHI CB        220.0       4    10.02Hope, Chris PIT S              181.0       4    21.11
Starting lineups use formations:
Teams may choose one of the following options for their offense:1. Pro-set: One QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE.2. Wishbone: One QB, 3 RB, 2 TE.3. Spread offense: One QB, 1 RB, 4 WR.4. West coast: One QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/TE.Teams may choose one of the following options for their defense:1. 43 Defense: 4 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB.2. 34 Defense: 3 DL, 4 LB, 4 DB.3. Nickel: 3 DL, 3 LB, 5 DB.Note that there are no true "flex" positions; each team must choose one of the above options for offense and defense.  The formation can change from game to game.
Scoring is fairly standard:
ALL: .05 points per yards passed..1 point per 1 yard rushed for or received.6 points per touchdown passed, caught, or run for.2 points per 2 point conversion passed, caught, or run for.-3 points per interception thrown.WR:.1 point per 1 yard rushed or caught for.TE:2 points per reception.IDP:10 points per safety.3 points per sack (1.5 points per half sack).1 point per pass defensed.1 point per forced fumble.2 points per fumble recovered or interception caught.DL:3 points per solo tackle.2 point per assist.LB:1.5 point per solo tackle.1 point per assist.DB:2 points per tackle.1 points per assist.Special teams scoring*:.05 points per return yard.
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Without naming names, I'm astonished that some teams are already drafting mediocre mid-range IDPs when one of the biggest fantasy studs in recent years is still available.

QB- Two risky players. No problem with Culpepper but i would have went boring with my 2nd QB. (Leftwich type who is a lock to start)

RB- Cadillac and Barber nice starters for next year. I am assuming that you are planning to use the early rookie pick on depth/potential here. Depths concerns me even though Gore and Perry should have some role in thier offenses.

WR- Probably would add an old and boring guy or two. Your 2nd, and 3rd are high risk/high reward types. Boom or Bust unit so far.

TE- I like Witten. early but probably had to reach to get a decent on with the scoring here. Probably needed to address the 2nd TE earlier for the same reason

DE- I like the unit. seems early to be drafting your 3rd/4th De...James is still an injury concern

LB- solid three some, look to addd more here

DBs- took too many corners too early...should been getting offensive depth. look to get some safeties.

In all, it appears that you filled out a line-up pretty close to order. IMO, certain positions can be waited on while you get depth @ key spots like RB, WR and (even TE in your league). Using this technique does give you a good starting unit, but you are thin at positions that will be harder to pick-up than IDP. I like the long term core and this team can compete this year if it avoids injury.

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It looks like you have a nice 43 D lineup ready to go.

On O, do you think you'll be going with a pro set most often?

WR is your weakest position at the moment, IMO, with QB a close second. As someone else has mentioned, you've mostly got "boom or bust" players there (Robinson is great as a 17th rounder, though).

I'd be looking to add to your WRs, sooner rather than later. If you can upgrade your TE2 at some point (trades after draft, waiver wire) you may be able to run the wishbone at some point. I love the Gore and Perry picks for a dynasty league.

ETA: After checking out the league link, I think you're roster looks pretty competitive. I like the rosters for Big Fat Duck and Jutland Vikings the best.

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I did go a lot of boom/bust type players and the analysis here verified that. It's been hard to judge when certain players are gonna go in this draft, since everyone seems to be going with slightly different strategies.

On O, I'm probably leaning towards Pro-Set with dabbling in Wishbone and WestCoast (if I get a better 2nd TE).

On D, I'm probably going 4-3-4 whenever possible, maybe some 3-4-4. Figuring I needed 4 DBs regardless of formation is why I jumped on them, probably a little early which was shown by my VDB sheet.

Thanks for the insights guys - anyone else feel free to add. Now I'm off to find that IDP mentioned above.

One common mistake made in inaugural dynasty drafts is to completely ignore veteran players who are apparently near the end. In a league very similar to this a couple of years ago I drafted Bettis and Galloway in like rounds 34 and 35 or something. Needless to say they helped out nicely for a couple of years. There are players very similar to that who are still out there and you should be picking them up rather than bothering with low-grade backup TEs like Heiden IMHO.

Yah - Heiden was a mistake - two pronged- forgot for a moment about Winslow (he shouldn't have been in my autodraft picks in the first place) and setup my autodraft wrong also (was other guys on the list I wanted first, but was in a hurry and didn't double check it.)


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