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Huge Sack and Picks? (1 Viewer)


I play in a yahoo league with silly D scoring, but its always been that way and cant be changed.10 teams1 DB 2 DL (combined DL and LB) 2 any D player = 5 man D1 pt for a tackle or pass defended0.5 for an assist5 pts for a Sack or Pick :banned: :rolleyes: Anyone got Ideas about middle range players who might explode with sacks or picks?The traditional top 10 DBs. top 5 DL and top 15 or so LBs are gone, I'm looking for help in the whats left department.

M. Boulware if he's there.Any DE coming off a sub-par season or back from injury.One of the rookie cover-2 corners, maybe M. Jackson.


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