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Hybrid/Dynasty-Keeper/SalaryCap/Money/PPR/LEAGUESAFE (1 Viewer)


PLAYBALL FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE , addy at end of post....

Looking for 2 owners. One of our owners was in and out of the hospital through
our 2021 season and has yet to be heard from in 2022. The 2nd owner dropped
after his 1st year with no explanation.

Both available teams are in the East Division. OPEN TEAM 1 has the 2nd pick and
OPEN TEAM 2 has the 3rd pick in our 2022 draft.

Live draft held in MFL draft room on Sunday, Sept., 4th starting at 3pm ET.
Generally lasts 3-5 hours, 25 round draft. Owners draft their preference as
long as each owner has a legal line-up to start the season.

$50.00 league fee, all of which, other than the MFL site fee, goes into the leagues

prize pool. LEAGUESAFE is already set-up and the leagues site fee is paid.

PLAYBALL has been running for appx. 30 years and openings don't come around

every year!

starting roster consists of;


2 rb

2 wr

1 te

1 pk


Unlimited IR--but only players on their NFL teams IR or PUP ELIGIBLE

(Players going on teams IR free up their salary/roster spot for free agent

replacement acquistion)

Trading players/picks is allowed

12 team league, 3 divisions, 3 division winners and 3 wildcards make the 


Play is head to head, 14 week regular season 3 weeks of play-offs. Every team 
plays all it's division foes twice and all teams in the other divisions once.


1 point per 20 yds rushing/receiving

1 point per 50 yards passing

1 point per reception

fields goals and td's scored by distance of score

Prizes as follows;

regular season champ--$50

high game score for the reg. season--$25


1st--60% of remaining prize pool

2nd--25% "            "               "

3rd--10% "             "               "

4th--5%   "             "               "

For more info contact me at tsb_vaknight@hotmail.com, I am happy to answer

any/all questions you have concerning the league and it's rules which can be 

found under reports at;




STILL NEED 1 OWNER. The owner of the orphan team was in and out of the hospital
last year and I haven't been able to have any contact with him since late October/
early November.
Needless to say, it isn't the best of teams. It currently only has 1 player that can be carried,
Saints te Trautman as an 8th rd carry at 24k. New owner may carry or drop, their choice. On
the good side the team has the 3rd pick in our snake draft and all but 24k, if Trautman kept,
of their 1600k salary cap.

Live draft held on MFL on Sept. 5th,(Labor Day) at 7pm ET.

email me at tsb_vaknight@hotmail.com if interested

check out the league at;

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