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HYPOTHETICAL: Would You Pay An Annual Fee To Access A "Private" Subsection Of The FFA? (25/30) (1 Viewer)


I am going to run a hypothetical for everyone here, with the end goal towards creating a Win/Win/Win scenario for all involved.

Let's say there was a "private" subsection of the Free For All. It could only be accessed by those

A) Who have at least 10 years of registered tenure here as a contributing member in good standing in the FBG forums

B) Who have at least 10 thousand posts via that same single registered account

C) They must submit an "application" for entry. This forces them to read and agree to the rules of the subsection. If you've been banned before, for any reason, you must wait 12 months from your last banning to apply.

D) They must pay an annual "fee", which will be collected each year and then used as a donation to a well vetted worthwhile charity. 100% of the funds will go to a worthy cause. In lieu of an annual fee, the other option for "payment" would be for the applicant to start X number of top level threads in the Shark Pool, that bring value and shows invested discussion in how to help other fantasy players win their leagues.

What would be the rules of the subsection? No doxxing anyone. No release of private information in public about anyone else's personal life and personal details. No discussion that breaks the law. No discussion that violates the TOS of the forum's host. Do those things and get permanently banned.

Other than that, the subsection will be unmoderated. FBG Staff members, past or present, are disbarred from participating there.

Beyond those exceptions, everything else goes.

How does this turn into a Win/Win/Win?

First, there's money going each year to a worthwhile charity or a good cause that actually helps other people. St Jude, Toys For Tots, local food banks, etc, etc. So to address something Joe Bryant has said a few times, about certain subsections operating as a total net loss for time, effort, toil and bandwidth, at least this way, it's not a total loss. That money can go and help some people in need.

Second, there is now a filter point away from the Shark Pool and FFA. If people want to keep pissing on each other, they can be told to go to "The Clubhouse" ( That's the name I'll give it for this hypothetical) It's a place for others to take their bad blood, feuds, gaslighting and all other unsavory behavior somewhere far away from the core sections of the board.

Third, everyone who complains about how the forums used to be can now have close to pure operational freedom in how they post. Since it's a private section, it's not public to the point where it will create surface level damage to FBG as a business and a brand. And it would be restricted access to the point where really only established board regulars can go in and post. Since there's a fee involved, it would negate most of the aliases on the board.

Fourth, since it's unmoderated, it does not increase the workload for the current FBG Staff ( i.e. all complains/reports other than the categories listed above will just be plain ignored. You are on your own)

Fifth, for those who want a "fee waiver", they have to start creating X number of high value threads in the Shark Pool. Which is good for business. More people talking about strategy, how to better communicate in trades, how to best maximize IDP or Scoring/Settings, etc, etc, that's all going to enrich the brand.

Sixth, since I don't have the post count to qualify, I won't be there. It will be a 100 percent "Gekko Free Zone". Even if I had the post count, I'd still choose not to be there. The raw dripping thought of a place for some of you to be free of timestamps, direct headlines, all out high value carpet bombing and someone pointing out all your logical fallacies can be a new reality here.

You want to post about chicks in yoga pants or talk current events or talk about your marriage self destructing or your partisan politics or how much you don't like each other, well go on, get it all out of your system. Because it would directly/indirectly add value to the Shark Pool, clean out the FFA from the problem it has with various insular board cliques and much of the complaining against most of the FBG Staff can finally cease.

And your money isn't making anyone richer. It's going to be used to help buy toys for kids who wouldn't normally have toys for Xmas. Or something of that nature.

I actually think this is a pretty good idea. But I'll leave it here for others to discuss. (25/30)
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