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I’m starting _________ over Antonio Brown (1 Viewer)

Assuming we have a good premonition that it will be a #### show, I'd start darn near anyone on my benches if I think they will actually get targets. I wish I had a better handle on when/if the wind and rain are bad enough to warrant such decisions. I obviously hate the thought of benching Brown, but if it's going to be a 3 yards at a time cloud of mud type of game, then I think that's what you have to do. Makes me sick. I definitely hope the morning reports are on the conservative side. 

Unless he is swimming in and out of the huddle he’s in my lineup
Nah man AB is a good swimmer, too. He’ll still find a way to get his.

in redraft I have owned him 5 of the last 8 years. Pretty sure I’ve never benched him, & that included wind, rain, snow, whatever.

Also, I think his replacement would be....Dede or Ross. Anyway, see above.  :lmao:

Also also #chip4life

College analyst doing Pitt game which is wet today was asked how it effects the skill positions. He said it slows down the pass rush and the dbs.  Seems like good things.  The wind is the worry. 

Im playing AB but pulling Ben for dalton. 

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I think people are underestimating how bad 30+ mph winds are for throwing a football. 

At the end of the day, my instinct is to err on the side of NSYS, and to be more scared of Brown scoring a bunch on my bench than to start him while he lays an egg.

But I really feel like there is a threshold wind speed that we rarely see crossed in NFL games, that renders the passing game obsolete, and this one could be across that threshold. Unfortunately I have no idea what the number would be. 30 plus is pretty bad, though. 

Hell maybe it doesn't matter, maybe you can pull off a couple big play actions and just heave it and let Brown/Juju/Gordon track it against one safety. I mean I can definitely envision some garbage WR points in a monsoon. 

To be clear, I'm not pulling Brown unless the reports are devastatingly bad in pregame, but it absolutely is a possibility. Same thing mostly goes for my other players in this game as well. I actually think Chubb might be a sneaky daily play.


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