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I have 1 orphan team in a $50 Espn Dynasty PPR league (Leaguesafe) (1 Viewer)


I have 1 orphan team in a $50 Espn Dynasty PPR league (Leaguesafe). The 1st place team ghosted me. Here is link to the by-laws and a roster list below. Reach me at squints12@gmail.com

QB: Case Keenum 

RB: Latavius Murray 

RB: Christian McCaffrey

WR: Tyreek Hill

WR: Martavis Bryant 

TE: Travis Kelce 

FLEX: Jordan Howard

FLEX: Tevin Coleman 

DEF: Jacksonville Jaguars 

KICKER: Stephen Gostkowski


WR Sterling Shepard

DEF Seattle Seahawks 

WR Mohamed Sanu

K Steven Hauschka

WR Josh Gordon 

TE Julius Thomas

RB James Conner

RB Aaron Jones

QB Pat Mahomes 

QB Blake Bortles 

WR Malcolm Mitchell 

this team has 4 picks:

1.12   2.12   3.12   4.12



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