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I have a terrible team and I don't care (1 Viewer)


11 teams ... total points. can start 2 QBs.

I finished 9th last year, looked my team and said, this team sucks. It's a keeper league with a minimum number of keepers. I tried to trade and couldn't get one done.

So I'm left with:






Montee Ball

DeAndre Hopkins

Stevie Johnson

Kenbrell Thompkins

Markus Wheaton

Justin Blackmon

Rob Gronkowski

Zach Sudfeld

Stephen Gostkowski

and my IDPs.

Yeah, I am destined to - hopefully - finish last.

Anyone else have a situation like this? Maybe we could help each other cope. I am used to competing for the title.

It is going to be a very long football season.

Thank God I have another draft Sunday.

Good for you that you don't care about your team. Neither does anyone else. Don't draft drunk.


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