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I just need to get this off my chest! + trade. (1 Viewer)


So this week has been a shocker for me! 

My team is as follows (in a league of Standard Scoring):

QB: Newton

RBs: Gurley, Gordon, Conner, Lynch, Hyde, Crowell, Duke Johnson JR

WRs: Kupp, Thomas, Davis, Goodwin

TE: Kittle

D/ST: Jags, Bears

K: Lutz

So - this week I lost by FOUR EFFING POINTS because of the following:

- Gordon was injured

- Conner was on a BYE

- Lynch was on a BYE + injured

- Hyde (who has performed well all season) got traded on the Friday and didn't play in the new system

- Crowell was playing the Vikings

- Kupp was injured

- Davis + Goodwin + Duke Johnson JR got me a combined 5 points

Team has been absolutely decimated this week and anything that could go wrong went wrong - such a joke! My team so far this season has not scored less that 126 points until this week! To top it all off - this was the FIRST loss my team has suffered all year and it just so happened to be against the guy in my league that I trash talked to publicly. Soo frustrating!!

ANYWAY - WITH THAT SAID - Should I trade Conner or hang on and wait it out? I feel like I could do with some WR depth.

Don't trade him for the sake of trading  him but I don't have any issue in shopping him.  With Bell still not reporting who knows what will happen with Conner's play time.  Always look for value and opportunity with trading anybody but don't just trade him because Bell might be coming back soon.


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