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I need 3 of these Gurley, Cohen,D.Williams, S.Michel, J.Kelley, C.J Anderson will answer yours (1 Viewer)


I’m  in a tough spot w/massive injuries/question marks this week. I need three of these guys in a 1/2 point ppr where TD’s count for a lot.

1/ T.Gurley @ ARZ

2/ T.Cohen @ SF

3/ D. Williams @ Seattle

4/ S.Michel vs Buffalo

I also have John Kelly, C.J. Anderson and Justin Davis vs ARZ (covering all my bases) plus J.Conner who most likely won’t play this week.

travdogg said:
I start Williams, Cohen, and whomever appears the Rams starter will be.
I agree that "Rams starter" has more upside than Sony Michel, but Sony has the safer floor I think.  So depends what you are looking for.  Cohen and Williams are solid choices regardless of any injury situation, so it comes down to Michel vs. Rams Starter.

You're lucky that 3 of the 4 are late games, and you already have all the possibilities for the Rams.  I would be a little concerned that even if Gurley is active he only plays 50% of snaps - if they do get out to a big lead then Gurley will be resting.  Also have no idea which of the Rams guys would be the lead back, although I'd say Justin Davis is the least likely after 3 straight DNPs.

Here's mine



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