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I need DL help for my championship game (1 Viewer)



With Dunlap likely to sit, or at the very least, reduced snaps, I need to pick up a DL.

Out of the best players available in my league I've narrowed it down to the players below. Please help me pick one.

1. Cliff Avril Sea

2. Cameron Heyward Pit

3. Quinton Coples NYJ

4. Calvin Pace NYJ

5. Kyle Wilber Dal



The Claymaker

Avril would be my first choice and Coples would probably be my second. Seattle at home vs a QB that already is slow as dirt and also has a leg injury. They should sack Palmer 7 times at least and if they don't it's because they ran the ball a lot.



I thought about Gilberry, an excellent suggestion. I'm worried that IF Dunlap players half the snaps, or close too, than Gilberry's production will be reduced. And I'm not a fan of the match up vs Min, who give up the 10th fewest points to DE's according to Yahoo.

I'm liking Avril too, he's my slight favourite at the moment. I look forward to reading any more opinions. I need to win this weekend to pay for all those expensive Christmas gifts I bought.



Oh, I forgot to mention, that it's 1.5 points for a tackle, 7 points for a sack. Not sure if that makes a big difference.


John 14:6

Jesus is Lord!
I was just about to start a new topic asking why Gilberry's rated so highly this week. I have Gilberry, Michael Johnson, and Muhammad Wilkerson. They have Gilberry rated top among the three and Wilkerson last, but in my league Wilkerson's the 4th highest scoring DE (Dunlap is 11th, Johnson is 24th, and Gilberry is 33rd).

I'm really hesitant to bench Wilkerson, but should I move Gilberry ahead of Johnson if Dunlap is out? Are Dunlap and Gilberry more so the pass rushers for the Bengals than Johnson?

Coples: CLE has no running game to slow the pass rush. He plays 100% of the snaps. He's on a roll lately. J. Cameron (the safety valve) is OUT. He plays a hybrid outside linebacker role so he has more tackles than a DE. Seattle's assist heavy scorekeeper could hurt Avril.


John Norton

If Dunlap is inactive I would go with Gilberry. The guy has 7.5 sacks as the third end. Avril has a good matchup but he has not recorded more than 2 tackles in a game all year. Coples is on a hot streak but the Browns have been a questionable matchup at best. In 5 games against 3-4 schemes, the 10 starting ends have a combined total of 8-8-3.


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